Windscribe VPN Review for 2018 – Is it Secure for Anonymous Browsing?

Through our exclusive Windscribe VPN review, you can discover the hidden attributes of the service in detail. Moreover, you can identify different ways of using Windscribe VPN on your various devices hassle-free. To know about other VPN services available in the industry, explore our detailed VPN reviews guide.

Windscribe is one of the freshers in VPN industry. Windscribe VPN is one of the top free VPN services i.e. why it is ranked 1st in best free VPN guide of 2018. The provider launched its full-fledged VPN service in mid of 2016 and has thrived millions of privacy-geeks around the world.

An Internet kill switch, ad-blocker, chrome extension and free version are among impressive offerings of Windscribe VPN. However, today we at VPNRanks will evaluate the service in this Windscribe VPN review, and present you the ground reality about the online privacy service.

After reading our Windscribe review, you will acquire all the knowledge required to choose Windscribe as your privacy partner.


Pros and Cons of Windscribe VPN


  • Strong encryption protocols
  • Free version offered
  • 3 days money back guarantee
  • 50 server locations (11 in free version)
  • Unlimited simultaneous logins
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments
  • Cross-platform availability (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)
  • Provides Chrome extension feature to subscribers
  • Ideal choice for new users
  • Offers OpenVPN encryption
  • Users can avail unlimited bandwidth feature


  • Fewer customer support channels
  • Limited bandwidth offered with free version
  • Based in Canada

What is Windscribe?

Windscribe being a Canadian VPN service is striving hard to become one of the major players of online privacy industry. You can avail its premium and freemium version to secure your online privacy from different online threats instantly.

Windscribe Pricing Structure and Packages Review

Windscribe pricing structure is segregated into free and premium plans. There are three paid plans named as Monthly, Yearly and Biannual. Subscribers can either choose a $4.08/month plan that is billed yearly at $49.00, while the other plan is billed monthly at $9.00.

Furthermore, the biannual plan is available at the cost of $3.70 per month. It means you will have to pay $89 in two years. Interestingly, paid plans have no discrimination among devices, server destinations, bandwidth, protocols and P2P support.

However, freemium plan or Windscribe Limited comes with some limitations that we have discussed earlier in this Windscribe VPN review. Have a look at Windscribe offerings below:


Our Windscribe VPN review highlights that the service also offers dashlane plan. The said plan provides 6 months free subscription to dashlane password manager at the cost of $20.

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Windscribe VPN Payment Methods Review

Our Windscribe VPN review suggests that payment methods play a key role at the time of subscription. Windscribe keeps subscription phase easy by accepting payments from all leading credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Also, while covering our Windscribe review, we revealed that Windscribe accepts anonymous payments through bitcoin, keeping subscribers’ identity discreet and anonymous. In addition, PayPal and Paymentwall are also accepted by Windscribe.


Windscribe VPN Speed Tests & Server Destinations

According to our Windscribe VPN review, Server locations are among top considerations when choosing a VPN service. But, being a young provider in VPN industry, Windscribe doesn’t offer a wide range of server locations (50 in total). However,  Windscribe has its servers beautifully distributed across fifty prime regions of the world.

Currently, Windscribe servers are dotted across the US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Egypt, Turkey, South Korea, India, Australia, Japan, Mexico and more locations.


At the time of covering Windscribe VPN review, Windscribe had not disclosed an exact number of servers. Also, Windscribe didn’t list the cities where servers were located. Eventually, we decided to test Windscribe servers’ performance though Ookla speed tests, and came up with following results:

Ookla Speed Test without VPN:


Ookla Speed Test After Connecting to Windscribe US Server:


There was a sharp decline in the speeds when connected to the US server. However, upon consultation with Windscribe support staff, we did some tweaks. We changed the protocol settings to ‘Manual’ and switched to IKEv2 protocol. This significantly improved the overall speeds.

Windscribe VPN Customer Support System Review

Being a fresh comer in the market, Windscribe offers three modes of customer support. In Windscribe review, we have found that Windscribe doesn’t offer any medium for live support. We consider it as a significant drawback for a VPN service to not offer any 24/7 live chat system or helpline. Following are the customer support channels that we have discovered for Windscribe review:


Email Ticketing System

The email ticketing system aims to provide a solution to most complex queries of subscribers. In Windscribe review, we tested their customer support system by dropping a query on their ticketing system. However, we only received an automated response confirming our query,  but we didn’t receive any solution from them until next day. Here’s a snapshot of our query to Windscribe that was left unanswered:


Frequently Ask Questions about Windscribe VPN

In addition to ticketing support system, Windscribe facilitates its subscribers by offering a detailed FAQs section. The FAQs section is a single dedicated page that provides basic and general information about Windscribe. Also, subscribers can seek information about cost, compatibility, protocols and service offerings of Windscribe.


Knowledge-Based Section – Windscribe VPN Tutorials and Guides Review

An amazing aspect of Windscribe is their brilliantly designed installation guides section. While examining their guides section for Windscribe review, we found that the provider offers video tutorials on Youtube for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and more devices. That said, subscribers can find video tutorials of VPN installation guides by clicking on Setup Guides in the support section.

Here’s a snapshot of Windscribe installation tutorial on Youtube:


Unique Selling Proposition of Windscribe

Windscribe has various unique selling propositions. Here’s some of the top unique selling proposition of Windscribe that you will like:

Multi Login

As a matter of fact, subscribers look for a service that offers simultaneous connections, so they can use a single VPN account on multiple devices. We have examined the service in our Windscribe review and discovered that service has broken the barriers and allowed unlimited simultaneous connections.

Access US / UK Netflix

Windscribe amongst the few VPN providers that allow you to access content from the US and UK library of Netflix. Just connect to their server and enjoy your favorite show or movie from anywhere.

Windscribe Limited

Windscribe offers a free version named as Windscribe Limited for all those who have the desire to take a test drive of their service prior to subscription. The free version comes with limitations, with a monthly bandwidth consumption of up to 10GB only. Also, only eight servers locations are offered to Windscribe Limited users.

Money Back Guarantee

In addition to free version, Windscribe offers a generous 3 days money back guarantee. The money back guarantee allows users to request a refund within three days after purchasing commercial premium of Windscribe.

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Windscribe Cross-Platform Availability Review

Windscribe is compatible on all leading-edge platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, in our Windscribe VPN review, it has been revealed that Windscribe facilitates premium users with well-designed in-house clients for iOS and Android devices. Additionally, Windscribe offers an exclusive extension for web browsers including Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, so that users can instantly unblock thousands of blocked sites with a single click.


The Process on Different Devices

According to our Windscribe VPN review, you can perform the signup process on your preferred devices straightaway. Once you have subscribed for the service, you will need to select either free or premium plan. After developing username along with password, you can head towards user portal in no time.

Through user portal, you can check your bandwidth usage and account status without any fuss. After downloading the client from download area, you can install the client on your desired devices stress-free. Likewise, you can download the required software through download page if you are using free version.

Windscribe Protocols & Encryption Review

Our Windscribe VPN review reveals that encryption tunneling protocols are the sole components that ensure top-grade privacy and accessibility to netizens.

Generally, VPN providers offer various encryption protocols, but Windscribe only offers OpenVPN with powerful AES 256-bit data encryption along with SHA 512 data authentication and strong RSA 4096 handshake. In addition, iOS users can configure IKEv2 on their iPhone and iPad to get protected with Windscribe instantly.

Subscribers can freely unblock BBC iPlayer, Fox Go, Hulu and more on-demand streaming services instantly with Windscribe. Also, we tested their service in our Windscribe VPN review and found no DNS leaks, WebRTC leaks or IP leaks. But, in Windscribe review, we consider it a substantial drawback for a VPN service to not offer L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP protocols.

In addition to the current Windscribe security protocols, Windscribe also offers new features such as Secure Hotspot. With Secure Hotspot, you can turn your Windows device into a hotspot device with Windscribe VPN security. Similarly, Windscribe offers Proxy Gateway feature where you can create SOCKS5 or proxy server on your Windows or Mac machine using the VPN service.

Windscribe VPN Logs & Privacy Policy – Is Windscribe Safe?

Many users on the internet have inquired that is Windscribe safe? Even some users have asked in various forums that is Windscribe a scam? Thus, we decided to provide a clear-cut response to our readers in this Windscribe VPN review.

User activities logging and privacy policy are hidden terms of many VPN providers today. When it comes to Windscribe, we studied their privacy policy in our Windscribe VPN review and discovered that the provider doesn’t store any connection logs, IP timestamps or browsing information of users.

In addition, Windscribe does not impose any third party cookie tracker, ensuring reliable online protection to netizens at all times.

However, only information that Windscribe keeps is the number of bandwidth users consume each month. We hope that this information provides an answer to users with a query about “Windscribe is it safe”.

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Additional Features of Windscribe

How to use Windscribe VPN for Torrenting?

Our Windscribe VPN review indicates that Torrenting and P2P file sharing is prohibited in many countries today. The service provides Windscribe torrents feature to torrent users with exclusive Windscribe P2P servers located in the Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, and Canada. All the specified countries are torrent-friendly, thus allows netizens to download torrents of favorite movies, shows, games, and software. Therefore, we consider Windscribe as a suitable torrent-unblocker in this Windscribe review.

Windscribe VPN Chrome Browser Extension Review

Windscribe takes an edge over competitors by offering a handy browser extension. Currently, Windscribe browser extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. When installed on your browser, Windscribe gives one-touch access to thousands of blocked sites. Interestingly, Windscribe browser extension looks similar to windows client but features an Ad Blocker that protects users against unwanted third party advertisements.


Performance and Reliability

Our Winscribe VPN review discloses that the service provides 45+ servers worldwide. Although, the service does not have a huge list of servers for its subscribers. However, we did not find any DNS leak or IP leaks issues in terms of performance.

Likewise, you can watch your preferred video content be it movies, TV shows and much more hassle-free. Our Windscribe review unveils that you can still accomplish your media streaming cravings through Windscribe servers’ average speeds.

What about DNS leaks?

We were delighted to know that the service safeguards its user from DNS leaks hassles to another level. Likewise, you can avail its Kill Switch feature to secure your online tasks like web surfing and others when your VPN connection suddenly stops working.

Does Windscribe VPN work in China?

Our Windscribe VPN review suggests that Chinese netizens can avail the service to protect their privacy. However, they will have to perform the cumbersome task to attain their mission. Still, it is not a big deal if you wish to use a VPN service in China.

By doing so, you can unblock different streaming sites and services securely.

Windscribe VPN Voucher Review

Promo codes and vouchers are the best things that anyone can get. Various sites offer vouchers for different VPN services including Windscribe. If you’re interested in getting a voucher code for Windscribe then visit this site here. However, availability of Windscribe vouchers may vary as per site’s policy.

The Windscribe VPN Website Review

Our Windscribe VPN review describes that the official website offers clear information about different aspects of the service in detail. Likewise, the subscribers can take huge benefit from Windscribe torrent benefit as it supports the P2P activities of the users.


In addition, the service has an exclusive Windscribe Reddit feature that allows the users to find neutral review about the service. Moreover, the website enables the users to attain their required information instantly.

What makes Windscribe VPN different from other online privacy services is the inclusion of introductory video. Yes, you have read it right. The users will not find this type of innovation much on the other VPN services’ official website.

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Windscribe VPN on Mobile Review

Our Windscribe VPN review highlights that the subscribers can use on the service on various mobile platforms. Here is the list of mobile platforms that includes:

  • Windows Mobile
  • Android
  • iOS

Therefore, you can experience the performance of Windscribe on your desired mobile phone devices straightaway.


Windscribe Free VPN Review

Our Windscribe VPN review discloses that the service offers an exemplary free VPN plan to the users. After availing the free version of the service, you are able to discover the hidden attributes of the service in detail. Furthermore, you can check the performance of Windscribe VPN according to your own terms.

Still, the users can avail the Windscribe P2P feature on free plan hassle-free.

Windscribe VPN Reddit Review

Our Reddit Windscribe VPN review discovers that the service has an impressive presence on the famous platform. Therefore, Windscribe VPN is able to grab the attention of its subscribers to another level. We were impressed to note that the Windscribe VPN service is already its level best to attract the eyes of Reddit users.

Still, there are users those who prefer using Reddit VPN than Windscribe VPN.


Likewise, the users those who are living in China can opt Windscribe VPN to protect their online privacy.

Moreover, the service allows you to enjoy a comprehensive list of interesting features. Here is the response of Reddit user suggesting the service has surpassed their expectations to new heights.

Windscribe VPN Twitter Review

Twitter is another popular platform like Reddit where you will find Windscribe VPN users in huge numbers. Our Windscribe VPN review unveils that the service has an excellent presence on Twitter. Furthermore, the service frequently updates its users about its upcoming campaigns and offers in a proactive manner.


Likewise, the service has informed its subscribers regarding another achievement on Twitter.

Similarly, the service has recently introduced username generator feature. The said benefit allows the users to secure their original names and opt imaginary username to secure their online privacy.

Windscribe VPN Ad Blocker

We were delighted to observe that Windscribe also offers an ad blocker feature to the users. Through the said benefit, you can continue watching your favorite media content without anticipating annoying ads issue.

Still, the users will need to download the browser extension. By doing so, they can reap the benefits of ad blocker advantage in detail.


Windscribe VPN Refund Review

According to our Windscribe VPN review, the service offers its free VPN plan to the new users. However, the free plan only differs with the commercial plan in terms of bandwidth and servers availability.  You can consider our exclusive best free VPN guide to know about other VPN services.


Windscribe VPN Video Review

Our Windscribe VPN review reveals that the service has efficiently described its unique selling proposition to its existing and potential users. We were impressed to know that Windscribe explained its different salient features to another level.

It would not be wrong to say that the video has added much needed value to the service. Furthermore, it will grab the attention of potential subscribers in near future.

Windscribe VPN Netflix Review

Our Windscribe VPN review reveals that the service does not support Netflix streaming. Sadly, we were hoping against hopes that the service would aid the users when it comes to watching Netflix through Windscribe. However, it was not the case.

However, the subscribers can accomplish their media cravings by accessing to the Windscribe torrent feature.

Windscribe VPN Browser Fingerprint Protection Review

According to our Windscribe VPN review, the service provides a unique “Split Personality” feature. The users can avail the benefit by opting browser extension users have to download from the official website. By doing so, the feature will rotate your user agent to decrease the probability of fingerprinting.


Final Verdict

We hereby end this Windscribe VPN review, should we? Highlighting the perks of Windscribe, we can count their freemium service, extensive range of server locations, an exclusive extension for browsers and strong OpenVPN encryption protocol.

But, not to forget that Windscribe VPN has some drawbacks including lack of dedicated IP address, fewer encryption protocols, and no live customer support system. Therefore, in our Windscribe VPN review, I give their service 4/5 stars. The overall combination of server options with nifty features such as the US and UK Netflix accessibility make it a compelling VPN service – it is definitely a must try!

If you find issues while using Windscribe VPN on your devices, you can consider reading our other best VPN reviews including ExpressVPN review.

Want to add something to the review, feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.

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21 Responses to Windscribe VPN Review for 2018 – Is it Secure for Anonymous Browsing?

  1. Bernard Emoso says:

    Windscribe is definetly the hottest VPN at the moment. Great performance, great features, and very reliable connections. A lot better than other VPN’s i’ve given ago, especially speed wise. Whether it’s downloading or uploading, I’m still able to do without dying and waiting in vain. The features such as ad and tracker blockers, being able to unblokc US Netflix and other geo restriced websites is a mega plus. The level of secirity is fantastic too. Worth every cent!

    • Salmi says:

      Dear Bernard Emoso,
      Thanks for your valuable feedback,
      We are glad that Windscribe VPN offered you desired level of protection and anonymity.
      Keep using the service and reap numerous benefits.

  2. John says:

    I have used this VPN for about 2 years and has very little down time. However if you wish to watch BBC iplayer you will find it blocked by the BBC. As I dont use netflex I dont know if it works. This VPN DOES NOT leak DNS unlike fastestvpn( fastestvpn leaks in every way possible and does not seem to honor its money return). So I give windscribe 4.5/5 well worth getting and stacksocal does a good life time offer

    • Salmi says:

      Dear John,
      Thanks for your valuable feedback,
      We are delighted to know that you have been using the provider for the last couple of years. Keep using the service and avail maximum online protection.

  3. Jonas Saud says:

    I’ve used Windscribe in Morroco, Spain, and America, and have it to be working fine. Hope that helps the prevous reviewers questions.

    • Salmi says:

      Dear Jonas Saud,
      Thanks for your valuable feedback,
      We are glad that you found Windscribe VPN useful and availed in different countries.
      keep using the service and enjoy complete online freedom.

  4. Will says:

    Really cool VPN, one that does the job well. Its speeds are very reliable and they’ve provided such a range of features you can’t go wrong when it comes to safely and securely surfing the internet.

  5. Lawrence says:

    I’m very happy with the Windscribe’s Pro Plan as unlimited data is something I need seeing as I use VPN’s daily. The quality of Windscribe’s VPN is amazing, and I can honestly say i’ve never come across a VPN that provides the complete package like Windscribe does.

    Also, great review! It really helps when professional reviewers that fully understand how such things work, share their knowledge.

    • Dear Lawrence,

      Thanks for your valuable feedback.
      We are happy that you found the service quite helpful. It is heartening to see that you liked the Windscribe Pro Plan according to your own terms.

  6. Jennie says:

    Perfect for everyday use, and you can’t complain when you can get it all for free. I’m still on the free plan but want to upgrade due to the data cut on the free plan. In my opinion, it’s priced fairly, especially for the services you get, making it worth every $$! Kodus to the developer!

    • Dear Jannie,
      Many thanks for reaching out to us. Yes, you are right if you are getting so many benefits under free plan.
      You must subscribe to the paid plan to avoid data limit restrictions. Yes, the pricing looks appropriate if you compare with the services you are getting.

  7. Hannah B. says:

    So far i’ve had no issues and have been really impressed with Windscribe and how it works. I’m using the free plan but was wondering if anyone knew what’s the pro plan like? Thanks in advance for any answers!

    • Janice Smith says:

      Hi Hannah, the pro plan is great and it gives you the unlimited data you may need. If you’re someone that uses Windscribe on a daily basis then I would suggest you consider going prob. In my opinion, it’s totally worth it and i’ve really found it easy to use and helpful at the same time. Hope this helps!

  8. Anonymous says:

    There is an error in the comparison field. 10GB/month limit is for the free, Limited plan. The paid plan is unlimited (but some say there still is a 1TB/week limit).

    • Pamela H. says:

      Hi, i’ve been using Windscribe for 5 months now and I’m a pro plan user. I’ve had unlimited access since upgrading and haven’t experienced anything regarding a 1TB/week limit. Personally, I think windscribe is great and definitely worth the upgrade in my opinion if you’re a heavy internet user,

  9. Pame says:

    I am moving to South America, Does this VPN work over there?? Thanks!

  10. Alan Bill says:

    Planning to visit Morocco for six months where need a VPN for Skype and Facetime. Is Windscribe a good choice?

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Alan for visiting our site. Yes, Windscribe is working well in Morroco. This is relatively a new provider so is doesn’t have too much load on its servers. We suggest that you use a USA server for Skype and Facetime. We will be happy to answer any other question related to this or any other VPN provider.

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