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PureVPN Netflix worth its salt as reliable VPN service. It eases up throttle-free streaming and let you access vast American Netflix library. So, watch your hot favorite Movies, TV shows and documentaries without hassle.

Tour through this guide and start streaming HD video contents easily. For more detailed review of PureVPN, follow the link: PureVPN review.

Does PureVPN work with Netflix?

Most of the VPN services advertise their capability of bypassing restrictions of Netflix as saving grace but it’s not always correct. It can result in fallacy. Newbies of streaming world are easily vulnerable to mediocre VPN providers which can get caught easily by Netflix. At this point, they fall flat in watching favorite Movies and TV shows.

In order to confirm if PureVPN is capable of accessing American Netflix, we contacted PureVPN live support department and they ensured clearly that ‘Yes, it does work with Netflix’ as it’s been confirmed by the service provider officially.

We tested claims of PureVPN to bypass geo-restrictions and access American Netflix library. We purchased PureVPN package plan, connected to the US server and accessed Netflix.com. It was quite easy procedure and we were able to watch Movies and TV shows from US Netflix media library that previously weren’t available.

How Do I Know that Netflix is Blocking my IP?

Netflix has incorporated unique and well-built VPN detection system to block VPNs and proxies. That’s why, it results disappointment for users who try to use Netflix with VPN services. It is of great concern for world’s best streaming to crack down on VPNs and proxies. It shows the following message when user tries to access it with blocked IP:

A user can bypass geo restrictions with ease and can enjoy huge American Netflix media library. Make use of PureVPN for Netflix and get rid of proxy detection error.

How to Buy PureVPN for Netflix

It’s an easy procedure to buy PureVPN Netflix. Just follow the step provided here and enjoy:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Now, you’ll get new page opened showing all package plans.
  3. Provide email address for registration and choose payment mode
  4. Type details and click ‘Join Now’.
  5. Here, you will receive email comprising complete login credentials.
  6. Start downloading PureVPN Netflix and Install on our device.
  7. Login to app with correct credentials and connect with preferred US server
  8. Open US Netflix website and you are ready to watch hot favorite TV shows and Movies

Why Does Netflix Blocks VPN Providers?

Netflix goes extra mile in blocking VPN providers because it doesn’t want to disappoint copyright holders and content owner. Netflix distributes contents by geography. It’s all about interest and purchasing rights.

Some content cannot be licensed in some countries due to legal and moral obligations. Therefore, Netflix detects VPN beforehand and blocks you from streaming content that are not available in your country.

PureVPN Netflix Twitter and Reddit Reviews

All binge watchers across the world use PureVPN  to access American Netflix and it’s truly obvious from their positive responses. It’s amazing to find trust they have on Netflix PureVPN.



This tweet was about the working servers and user’s comfort while using PureVPN service as compared to expensive VPN service providers.

A Reddit thread above sums up the viability of having PureVPN especially when you have to stream Netflix and it works quite well with zero technical issues.

Main Features of PureVPN with Netflix

PureVPN is the sum of outstanding features which can protect your computer or any device around the clock. Having user-friendly interface, this app works magic and you won’t have difficulty in safeguarding yourself from major to minor threats and let you stream Netflix with ease.


Get connected to hi-tech servers built to offer faster speed and matchless performance. All of the servers are Ozone-enabled with malware protection, content filters and so much more. Enjoy fast streaming as it has dedicated streaming servers. PureVPN has 14 servers in US alone out of 750+ servers. From any of these 14 servers you can access US Netflix.

Privacy Policy

PureVPN for Netflix doesn’t maintain any browsing activities. Neither it saves connection logs, records of the VPN IPs or even original IPs, connection time, browsing history nor outgoing and ingoing traffic and DNS queries etc.


PureVPN Netflix contains military-grade 256-bit encryption to protect data from hackers and data snoopers.  Anonymize yourself while browsing and keep your IP hidden and remain safe from prying eyes. It has unique features to offer flawless security of your device and data.

With DNS leak protection, Ad blocking and IPV6 Leak protection, a user will enjoy error-free internet privacy. Use IP address masking to browse internet with complete secrecy and stay hidden safely. Make use of Internet kill switch function to keep your privacy intact.

PureVPN Netflix Errors and Quick Fixes

PureVPN might incur errors meanwhile trying to access Netflix. Below is the list of PureVPN Netflix errors that you might face:

1. IP Address conflict

Is it difficult for you to stream Netflix despite of getting connected to VPN server? It means that your IP is conflicting while getting connected to server. Normally, this error arises because of bugs or technical issues. So, mask your IP and access to Netflix instantly.


It’s not big problem at all and it could be fixed easily. All you need to do is to restart your PureVPN app and reconnect to Netflix.

2. DNS issue

A website that you are trying to access, sometimes, retrieve DNS from ISP as it is in the cache of device that you are using. It results in hassle for you. On the other hand, Netflix firewall and servers are pretty smart in detecting DNS and IP loops. Often, these errors become pain in the neck when a user is trying to leap the Netflix restriction.


Follow the steps provided below and you will be able to fix this error:

  • Go to Start Menu> Click on All Programs> Click on Accessories
  • Now, select ‘RUN’ feature or use short-key ‘Windows Key+ R’ to open the Run
  • Type ‘cmd’ in the command field of the dialogue box
  • Write ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ and press Enter
  • Finally, your DNS would be totally flushed and you can access to Netflix US library now.

3. Proxy Configuration Problems

Due to outdated browser proxy configuration, accessing Netflix US library becomes tough nut to crack. In case of misconfigured proxy, it will be nightmare for you to access American Netflix library.


Configure your proxy properly and avoid getting into trouble while unblocking Netflix with PureVPN. Fixing proxy configuration can be walk in the park if it is done carefully. Follow the links provided below and get quick fix:

Google Chrome

  • Click on Menu and select Settings
  • Type Proxy in Search box and click on Change proxy settings
  • Choose PureVPN and Click on Settings
  • Uncheck Use Automatic Configuration Script in automatically detect settings, uncheck Proxy Server and hit OK button
  • Click on LAN Settings
  • Uncheck Use Automatic Configuration Script in detect settings and uncheck Proxy server.

4- PureVPN Servers Not Responding

Unresponsiveness of the servers is the common issue which users have to put up with. Though, Netflix blocks proxies and VPNs easily. It has created an issue for majority of VPN services. In fact, few of the services can leap geo-blocking restrictions.


If you find yourself going through such an issue when connecting to server, talk to customer support representatives immediately. Another way to deal with this issue is to reconnect to DNS server. Below are links to help you configure PureVPN DNS servers manually. Click on them to free yourself from Servers Not Responding errors:

DNS Configuration for Windows

  • Click on Network icon in the Notification area, Click on Open Network and Sharing Center.
  • When Network and Sharing Center is open, click immediately on Change Adapter settings right on the left-side pane.
  • Click right on your network adapter and Select Properties.
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click properties in the Window opens under ‘This connection uses the following items’.
  • Select ‘Use the following DNS Server addresses’ Under the General Tab and Put 8.8.8 in preferred & in alternatives DNSA Box and click OK
  • Windows Network Diagnostics would attempt to detect problems. Click ‘Close the Troubleshooter’ after the completion of the process.

PureVPN Netflix- Wrapping Up

Netflix is the #1 streaming service which has taken entertainment to the next-level. On the other hand, PureVPN is trusted by the Millions worldwide which can let you to access US Netflix library if you are barred by geo-blocking from watching your favorite Movies and TV shows.

In this guide, we provide you crystal clear insight about PureVPN Netflix and benefit from quick fixes to resolve technical issues. So, stream safely and enjoy Netflix.

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