Most Recommended Netflix Releases for August 2018

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Yea, we all know Netflix has revolutionized the entire entertainment industry, brought in great originals and movies as well. Yes we also know that it’s given birth to the trend of binge watching.

But do you know it has also revolutionized the dating game with a simple sentence?

It has saved many guys from being friend zoned, to buying the ladies drinks at the bar, or giving subliminal creepy hints that usually don’t hit the spot! Oh and the typical wanna come up for coffee? Seriously? 2 am in the morning and coffee? Are you Einstein or what?

In fact before this, I went as far as joining the gym, buying protein shakes, following detox diets and even consulting a makeover specialist, spent $800 on that, Ouch! Even watched dozens of “how to get a girlfriend” videos on YouTube.

But then someone introduced me to the magic words “Netflix and Chill”. Now you do know what Netflix is, but what is chill? In simple words it’s an invitation, hope you can guess what for, if you can’t, don’t worry my next blog is going to be about 10 best cartoon movies on Netflix, such as “ F is for Family”.

But be careful a wise man once said “Netflix and chill is how you end up with chill-dren” (wink wink).

So the next time you man up and approach that girl you’ve been crushing on for the last two months,

Try “Netflix and chill”.                                                                                      

Here’s a list of all the new releases for August 2018, with synopsis so you don’t go like “yeaa I’ve seen national treasure”.

“Like Father” August 3

With Seth Rogen, any movie will make you laugh till your stomach hurts, and then a little but more. The story revolves around father daughter relationship, when Rachel’s estranged father suddenly shows up!

Left at the altar (Kristen Bell) Rachel, the bride, still decides to go on the honey moon trip with her father (Kelsey Grammer.) The unusual cruise trip forms a strong bond between the two, discovering each other, and forgiving mistakes of the past.

All about the Washingtons: August 10

Before you start watching this series, do consult a doctor, the trailer alone is too funny. So funny that it’s actually injurious!

The series stars Run-DMC’s Joseph Simmons, playing a retired hip hop star, while his wife pursues her own career, wanting to be the billionaire entrepreneur she was always destined to be, at least that’s what she thinks.

The hip hop star has now new duties, keeping the kids and the house in line.

Insatiable: August 10

Starring Debby Ryan and Alyssa Milano The story focuses on the life of an overweight girl and her problems such as bullying and being made fun of. As most of us would wish, suddenly one day she wakes up thin. Now she’s up to revenge on those who have bullied her for so long!

But don’t worry it’s not an emo packed show, it’s going to be funny, extremely funny.

Disenchantment: August 17

From the creator of the Simpsons and Futurama, Matt Groening, another anime marvel is on its way! Disenchantment is going to be 10 part series that takes you to the magic fantasy kingdom of dreamland.

The story is focused on the princess Bean and her companions Elfo and Luci who possess magical powers. According to some experts the show will be epidemic!

Ghoul: August 24

Horror movies are sometimes the best ways to spice things up! From the creators of Insidious and Get Out, this second Hindi entrant promises pure entertainment with its unusual story line. The story involves a prisoner who uses black magic against his captors and reveals their most shameful secrets

The Innocents: August 24

Very little has been revealed in the trailer, the story focuses on a teen couple with supernatural powers, who flees to London to have a new life together, unfortunately their dreams are turned upside down by a shocking discovery. This one definitely goes under the mindfuck category!

“Ozark” (Season 2): August 31

For crazy Ozark fans, season 2 is finally here! Marty Byrde tries to protect his family amidst a Mexican drug cartel. The stakes are higher this time as the family tries to manage their own interest while rising danger. The show will keep your eyes glued to the screen and on the edge of your sheet!

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Hopefully the above releases will help you Netflix and CHILL in August 2018! With a mixture of comedies, drama, horror and adventure there’s something for everyone and every mood.

Feel free to share our blog with your friends and family or maybe just simply share it with your crush and ask “Netflix and chill?”

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for whatever response you get, if it’s good let us know in the comment section below.

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