IPVanish Review 2018 – Should You Buy it or Not?



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$4.87Per Month
IPVanish Features
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec & OpenVPN protocols
  • 40,000+ IPs & 1000+ servers in 60+ countries
  • 10 Multi logins
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 256bit AES encryption

Here is a comprehensive and detailed IPVanish VPN Review by VPNRanks.com; this review provides complete information about the services, customer support, servers, attributes, performance, payment methods, policies and real user reviews about IPVanish service.

You can enjoy VPN service from IPVanish on all leading versions of Windows along with MacOS and Ubuntu. Furthermore, you can also enjoy features of IPVanish on handy devices such as Smartphones, iPads and Tablets supporting different operating systems such as iOS and Android.

Here is a thoughtful review for IPvanish which will lead you whether you should buy it or not.


IPVanish.com Review Summary


  • Prices as low as $4.87/month
  • 225+ VPN servers in over 60 countries
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Gives you access to more than 25,000+ IP addresses
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 2 Simultaneous VPN Connections
  • Only VPN network to be listed in the Tier-1 VPN Network
  • OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols support


  • No live chat
  • No custom client for Ubuntu

IPVanish Review


IPVanish Plans and Pricing

There are a lot of things that money can’t buy. However, with IPVanish you can buy one of the most priceless attributes in exchange of affordable price – PRIVACY. IPVanish offers three basic package plans: one month package plan for $7.50, 3 months package plan for $6.75/month and yearly package plan for price as low as $4.87/month. Now let’s see what IPVanish has to offer against the market competitive prices illustrated.

Unlike other VPN services, IPVanish does not confine their attractive and most significant features to their 6 month or yearly plan. IPVanish’s VPN service treats all users equally – either you pay for a month or a year.

 ipvanish review


The image prescribed below reveals the features associated with IPVanish’s VPN service and package plans. One of the most profound features offered by IPVanish is its device compatibility.

IPVanish Review

Unlike other VPN services, IPVanish has a clear no-logs policy and promises 100% online security. Furthermore, IPVanish does not put a limit cap on the bandwidth offered in order to acknowledge not only customer satisfaction but delight. In addition, IPVanish with its top of the line package plans provide Wi-Fi hotspot protection, VOIP support and 3 days FREE trial to ease your purchase decision.


How to Use IPVanish

Interestingly, you can use IPVanish on your desired devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and others hassle-free. Our IPVanish review reveals that you can secure your online activities from the vicious eyes of ISPs and hackers instantly. Here is how you can do to achieve your mission:

  • From the official website of IPVanish, you can download and install the service
  • You can click the VPN software button given at the top corner of the website
  • Select your desired operating system or device before clicking the “Download Software”
  • Once you are done with the downloading process, launch the installation file
  • When the file security warning pops up on your screen, click ‘Run’
  • Click Install if you receive IPVanish can make changes to your computer message on your screen
  • After installing the VPN software successfully, click “Launch to Open”
  • Provide your IPVanish username along with password to open ‘Dashboard’
  • You can choose your preferred servers and protocols by using drop down boxes from Dashboard
  • Click Connect button given at the top right corner of Dashboard
  • Once you are connected, the symbol appears on screen will turn green
  • You can click it again to disconnect your VPN connection

According to our IPVanish review, the service provides users complete freedom. This is because you can select your desired server by choosing ‘Server Location’ button provided at the top right of screen.

How to use IPVanish


IPVanish Servers

Next Section: IPVanish Android App

While selecting a VPN service provider, one must evaluate all the aspects associated with the service provided and benefits offered. Number of servers provided by a VPN service provider and locations represented by those servers is the key element that derives the purchase decision of most users seeking a VPN.

IPVanish servers had to be evaluated in this regard. Therefore, we studied IPVanish’s servers thoroughly in order to present detailed findings that can guide all the VPN seekers out there.

ipvanish servers map

There are diverse reasons for purchasing a VPN. Number of servers located in divergent countries is one of the key aspects that are correlated with almost every purpose for which a VPN is preferred. IPVanish VPN provides an access to more than 225+ servers geographically scattered in 60 countries.

This means that you can connect to almost any server you want – from any country you prefer. This diversity of choice can liberalize you to access different genre of content either restricted for you to access or confined to a particular geographic location. Furthermore, you can access 25,000+ IPs with the value added features provided by IPVanish VPN.


IPVanish Android App

Next section: IPVanish Apps for iPhone and iPad

The IPVanish Android Review (for its App) is available on Google Play for free and can be downloaded on any device, provided it has Android version 4.0.3 or up. The IPVanish setup for android is very easy and can be set up within a few minutes on your Android devices.

IPVanish for Android provides great security to all the devices and keep all the data safe from the hackers, snoopers and malware. You can surf and stream the public Wi-Fi networks without the fear of getting your device attacked or spied by online surveillance agencies.

IPVanish Android works great on all the devices and allows you to use VOIP services even on smartphones and tablets. You can make use of IPVanish for Android to make comparatively cheap local and international calls from all the VOIP services.

The app allows you to switch your servers and gives you all the server options to choose from. IPVanish Android App also works best when it comes to accessing the movies and TV shows on Netflix, Hulu and Vudu etc. You can access all the blocked websites in your region on your Android devices with IPVanish.

You will be presented with the following screen, once you have installed the IPVanish Android App successfully in your devices. Enter your username and password and select ‘Sign in’.

ipvanish android app setup 2
Once you have signed in with your IPVanish account, you will be asked to connect to any server of your own choice.ipvanish android app setup 1

After selecting the server, you can also check the connection speeds and can analyze the upload and download speeds provided by IPVanish Android App.

ipvanish android app setup


You can also open the settings to contact the Customer Support or to read FAQs, or to reset your credentials.

ipvanish android app

You can add extra layer of security to your devices with IPVanish Android App. Because not only does it protect your devices but it gives you unlimited access to all the blocked websites and streaming services from all over the world.
IPVanish Review

IPVanish Apps for iPhone and iPad

Next Section: IPVanish Kill Switch

You can increase the online security of your iPhones and iPads by installing IPVanish. The IPVanish apps are easily available on the iTunes store and you can download it for free. Setting up IPVanish app on iPads and iPhones does not take more than 5 minutes and can be done by following these easy steps.

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • You will be redirected to your ‘General’ profile, where you will see the option ‘Network’
  • Tap on ‘Network’ and create a new VPN profile
  • Now you will see ‘Add VPN Configuration’, tap on it to continue
  • Once you have tapped on it, you will be asked to enter the details
  • Fill in the details assigned to you by IPVanish and select the desired protocol to connect

You can also read in detail about configuring the IPVanish App on your iPads and iPhones. The IPVanish app does not only provide you the best online protection but it also provides access to the streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and blocked websites on your iPhones and iPads.

ipvanish ios apps


IPVanish Kill Switch

Next Section: Enhanced Mac App

In this IP Vanish Review, we have also included the details about it’s Kill Swithc feature.

IPVanish takes your online privacy very seriously. It makes sure that all your data is tunneled and safe with excellent encryption support. Unlike many other VPN providers, it offers its users the “Kill Switch” as well. With the “Kill Switch” option available to you, you can select to turn off all your network activities, in case your VPN connection drops.

Kill Switch is a great tool that is used to further enhance your security. You actually get the liberty to turn off all your online activities, until your VPN connects again. IPVanish’s Kill Switch lets you turn off and connect the internet again with a single click.
kill switch of IPVanish

Switch Your IPs at Your Own Will

This unique option in IPVanish VPN lets the users decide to randomly switch their IP addresses after a pre-selected time interval. If you are concerned about your online privacy the most, you should make the most of this option. Switching the IP address, without having much impact on the performance of your VPN and the speed of your internet is definitely a good way to hide from surveillance agencies and hackers.

Enhanced Mac VPN App

Next Section: Compatibility

IPVanish has always emphasized on making things easier for its users. The Mac users can rejoice using the updated VPN app for Mac. The new version now lets the users “select” servers as “favorites” if they are fully satisfied with the performance of the servers. They can personalize the app to facilitate the user regarding selecting the IPVanish’s own DNS service or a third-party DNS of their own choice.
ipvanish server locations


Next Section: Protocols and Encryption

We nowadays have become slaves of technology. Every task we accomplish is executed directly or indirectly via a tech-device. In order to cope with our busy schedule and stay connected to our social circle, we often carry devices such as laptops, tablets and other smart-devices. In this digital universe, you can now find open access Wi-Fi networks at every corner along with the cyber-goons waiting for a chance to access our confidential data.

IPVanish provides an optimal remedy for all these hassles. IPVanish VPN is compatible with readily adopted versions of Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu. Furthermore, IPVanish supports all the devices you carry on-the-go such as Smartphones, Tablets and iPads. However, the operating systems currently supported are Android and iOS only.


Protocols and Encryption

Next Section: Customer Support

The variety of protocols offered by a VPN service provider is also one of the key ingredients to strengthen your security and privacy. The sophistication of a protocol and encryption preferred by you would enhance your anonymity and security. The protocols supporting IPVanish VPN are PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) and L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) along with a cherry on the top – OpenVPN.

PPTP is the most commonly preferred protocol by VPN users to access all the restricted content. Being a little bit less secure as compared to L2TP, PPTP enables a VPN user to access any content restricted to a particular geographic region simply by connecting to that server.

With IPVanish VPN, say goodbye to all the geo-restrictions. Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol is usually preferred by privacy concerned individuals or the ones worried about their security. L2TP as compared to the preceding protocol is more secure; however, it will affect your Internet connection speed once connected.


IPVanish Customer Support

Next Section: Payment Methods

While preparing this comprehensive IP Vanish review, it was necessary to write about it’s customer support.

Customer support is one of the most important aspects to be evaluated before purchasing a VPN – that’s what I believe. You may find different VPN service providers bragging about their live and timely support. I consider it just a showoff because for me – seeing is believing. Every VPN service you opt claims to offer 24/7/365 customer and tech-support. However, you won’t find them when you need them the most.

While reviewing IPVanish’s website, I found similar claim. IPVanish claimed that they offer 24/7/365 customer and tech-support. However, I could not access live chat feature. It was like a shock for me; because, a service provider claiming 24/7/365 availability must have a live chat features – that’s what I believe. Anyways, it was time to evaluate their claims so I dropped an email for IPVanish customer support.

And guess what! I received a reply within 8 minutes. In my email, I wrote that I was facing a connectivity concern. I also inquired about the protocol that will be appropriate for me to connect if I don’t want to compromise on my Internet speed. Below mentioned image is the response I received from IPVanish’s customer support.

The customer service response was not only prompt but the representative also answered my query with all significant details. Furthermore, he also provided recommendations about the protocol to which I should connect as per my preference. So, YES! IPVanish VPN does provide 24/7/365 customer and tech-support and I give them a big thumbs-up for this.

customer support 

IPVanish’s Unique Selling Proposition

Despite of all the attractive features and benefits that represent IPVanish VPN, we find device compatibility as its unique selling proposition.


Payment Methods

Next Section: Reviews by Real Users

Usually VPN service providers offer diverse payment methods to choose from. The reason behind offering diversity in payment is to ease the transaction process for users. It can be said that variety of payment modes often contribute in enhancing customer satisfaction when it comes to VPN industry; especially, when a VPN service provider accepts payment through Bitcoin.

payment methods

Bitcoin as we all know is a digital currency which facilitates anonymous transactions. Hence, it best serves the purpose while making a transaction with a VPN service provider. In this scenario, you can be anonymous even for the VPN service provider. IPVanish VPN offers three different payment modes. It accepts payments either via a Credit Card, PayPal or WorldPay. They also accept payment via Bitcoin.

IPVanish Review


IPVanish Reviews by Real Users

Here we are presenting some real reviews by customers of IPVanish VPN service. Read all these reviews people shared on Google Play, Twitter and Reddit platforms. On the basis of these reviews, you can make your decision to buy IPVanish services and/or to choose your desired package.

Let’s take some time and read IPVanish.com review by users on various platforms:

Reviews on Google Play

The best source of judging how good a VPN is by reading reviews made by other users. When it comes to the IP Vanish Android app on Google play, the reviews were generally positive with an average of 3.5 given out of 5 with many users giving it a perfect 5

  • Some users complained about the IP Vanish app crashing due to the recent updates. This could partially be the reason why bad reviews are also quite high.
  • Other users commented on how basic the app felt but praised the connections the VPN service offered.
  • Individuals who have been subscribed to the service for a long duration expressed their satisfaction.
  • Some users complained about the lack of features and it being slow when updating but were overall content by its performance.
  • One thing that came to my notice was that IP Varnish’s customer support was very active here as well, trying to resolve the issue stated by users in their reviews.


IPVanish on TrustPilot – Reviews by Real Users

Trustpilot offers neutral reviews about different online businesses from users’ point of view. Our IPVanish review unveils that the brand has to improve its performance to another level. This is because users are facing issues in terms of customer support.

Ipvanish Review on Trustpilot


Ipvanish Reviews on Trustpilot

According to the response of one Trustpilot user, IPVanish does not offer invoices to its subscribers. Moreover, customer support function has not come up with the expectations of the users. Therefore, IPVanish must provide solutions to its users by enhancing the performance of its customer support department.



IPVanish VPN Reviews on Twitter

On twitter, the reviews were very positive with many users twitting their general satisfaction with the VPN service.  We have also embedded the tweets so to given you a clear idea of what the users think about IP Vanish.


Others really loved the VPN’s no logging policies.


Some praised its performance, terming it as one of the solid choices.

But overall we did not find many tweets by users. Most were by review sites or companies.


IPVanish Review Reddit

On Reddit, most of the users wrote positively about the VPN but quite a few also complained about its customer support.

    • Many users commented on how fast the servers were and how reliable the connection was.


    • Some people recommended IP Vanish when a user asked about which VPN service was best for reducing ping during an online gaming session.


    • As mentioned before, some people were critical about the quality of support IP Vanish was offering and one of them complained that certain features of the VPN were being falsely advertised.


Check out the list of best Reddit VPN as per Redditors choice, You can also participate in it.

If you have been an customer of ipvanish.com, you are welcome to contribute to our IPVanish reviews section.


IPVanish vs. NordVPN

Our IPVanish review discloses that you can compare the performance of the service with NordVPN. Yes, you have read it correctly. There are different factors that allow the users to decide which VPN comes up with their expectations.

IPVanish Vs NordVPN Comparison

Likewise, IPVanish is a US based VPN service. On the other hand, NordVPN is a Panama based online privacy service. Furthermore, both VPN services offer similar features like compatibility with different devices and multi-login.

However, IPVanish does not offer live chat benefit to the users. In addition, both services provide detailed setup & installation guides for the users. Interestingly, NordVPN offers its 3300+ in all the major countries of the world.

Similarly, we explored during our IPVanish review that the service offers 1000+ servers in 60+ countries globally. Therefore, our analysis indicates that both services have some pros and few cons too. Still, you can opt NordVPN than IPVanish based on different advantages offer to their subscribers.

Customer SupportYes (live chat is unavailable)Yes
Money Back Guarantee7 Days30 Days
Pricing User-FriendlyUser-Friendly
Ease of UseYesYes
Multi-Login5 Devices6 Devices


Software and Tutorials Provided

IPVanish provides detailed tutorials which can easily be accessed from the official website. Besides the free software for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, IPVanish provides detailed tutorials and visual guides for dummies. However, IPVanish offers manual setup only for configuring a VPN on Ubuntu, Chromebook, DD-WRT and Tomato Routers.

By evaluating the details and instructions given in the tutorials, it can be said that one can easily establish a VPN connection manually on their operating system by reviewing the tutorials and visual guides prescribed.

IPVanish tutorials

Log and Privacy Policy

You might be wondering what I have to say with respect to the log and privacy policy of IPVanish VPN. However, I know what you all are thinking right now. Privacy policy, terms and conditions, agreement details….. Blah Blah Blah – who reads this kind of silly stuff – right? Well if you are concerned about your privacy then you MUST read this so-called silly stuff; especially, when you are going to purchase a VPN.

The core reasons behind purchasing a VPN is anonymity, privacy and enhanced security. However, some prefer a VPN only to bypass geo-restrictions. Anyways, no matter what your motive is behind the purchase decision, you should always read the clauses in privacy policy. IPVanish unlike other VPN service providers has clearly listed and described log and privacy policy.

The image prescribed below provides some glimpse of the policy. There are very few VPN service providers who have such clear and concrete log and privacy policy. Despite of making shallow claims, IPVanish VPN does not keep any logs and has clearly listed the data that it will need from you. I really appreciate IPVanish for this substantial dose of honesty here.


IPVanish Free Trial

Nothing in this world is for FREE – is it? Then how can you expect a service that promises to make you anonymous, fade your online existence, make your data secure and even allows you to bypass or access any geo-restricted content you wish to. Yet, IPVanish VPN offers a 3 days FREE trial because they know that you are fascinated with the word ‘FREE’.

IPVanish offers a free trial through which you get to use and benefit from every feature representing IPVanish. Somehow if the service and features offered aren’t as per your needs or expectations, you can claim for a no-questions-asked refund. However, this is quite hard to acknowledge because only a fool can deny such beneficial features.

IPVanish Speed Test

Despite of all the features and cost effective package plans offered, a VPN service provider cannot be considered as a viable optional unless it provides prompt connectivity and Internet speed. We all know that a VPN disrupts actual Internet speed – the question is how much? This actually makes a VPN service provider shine among hundred trading in the market.

In order to check connectivity speed of IPVanish VPN, we performed several tests. These tests were performed via speedtest.net. The objective behind the tests was to evaluate the propensity by which IPVanish VPN disrupts actual Internet speed. IPVanish offers PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols. We considered L2TP protocol as a benchmark while conducting the speed test. We chose L2TP as benchmark because it is more secure as compared to other two protocols.

Hence, theoretically L2TP should also disrupt actual Internet speed more than PPTP and OpenVPN.

Anyways, let’s begin with the test. The snapshot given below represents was taken while testing the actual Internet speed of a 100 Mbps Internet connection.

ipvanish speed test 2

After connecting IPVanish with L2TP protocol, we discovered following results. These results were obtained when we tried to connect to IPVanish’s server in Manchester UK. As you can see that the ping has enhanced from 1 to 17 ms and download speed has decreased from 88.83 to 44.54 Mbps. However, the upload speed hasn’t been affected.ipvanish speed test 1

The results obtained were satisfactory; however, we had to test IPVanish VPN on another server in order to ensure reliability of the results. This time we used Internet connection of 200 Mbps to test IPVanish. The screen shot prescribed below reveals the statistics before connecting to a VPN.
ipvanish speed test

After connecting to IPVanish’s server following results were obtained. The ping increased again; however, this time with considerably lesser propensity (15 ms – 17 ms). Internet’s download speed dropped from 151.41 Mbps to 72.31 Mbps. Upload speed wasn’t much affected this time also.

This proves that IPVanish VPN does not influence ping and upload speed much; however, download speed is reduced by almost 50%. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about this if you own a speedy Internet connection; because, with L2TP protocol, the results are extraordinary – I believe.

ipvanish review

History of IPVanish

IPVanish is one of the best VPN service providers in the industry. Despite of intense competition and countless new entrants penetrating the market, IPVanish has successfully retained its position in the market. IPVanish is one of the few VPN service providers that actually have substantial history in the industry. Different service providers came and left; but, IPVanish still enjoys its market share since 15 years.

With the promise of unrestricted access to geographically scattered servers, numerous IPs, secure connectivity and optimal customer along with tech-support, IPVanish is reviewed as one the leading user favorites when it comes to a VPN. IPVanish offers diversified features and package plans to choose from in exchange of competitive price.

Furthermore, IPVanish with its geographically scattered servers and numerous IPs offered along with other features facilitating users to stay absolutely anonymous and bypass Internet censorship.


IPVanish Windows 10 Compatibility

According to our IPVanish review, the service is compatible with Windows 10 operating system. Through its official website, the users can download and install IPVanish Windows 10 OpenVPN setup. By doing so, they can experience true online anonymity and protection on their Windows devices hassle-free.

We have conducted different IPVanish VPN reviews from time and time. Therefore, we assume the service is compatible with Windows 10 and other operating systems.


IPVanish Netflix Compatibility

While preparing this ipvanish.com review, we decided to write about it’s Netflix compatibility as well.

IPVanish Netflix Compatibility

As per the findings of our IPVanish VPN review, the provider does not support Netflix streaming anymore. It means if you have an IPVanish account and want to discuss the issue with IPVanish support. Chances are that you will not get the solution if you are looking to use IPVanish for Netflix.


IPVanish for Torrenting

This IPVanish VPN review discloses that the service supports torrenting activities of the users. Still, the users need to secure their online privacy because IPVanish is a US network VPN provider. Therefore, the subscribers should not opt the US servers for streaming purpose.
IPVanish VPN for Torrenting

On the other hand, the users can select servers available in other countries to fulfill their streaming desires. The provider offers better streaming facility as compared to Private Internet Access VPN.


IPVanish Performance

According to our analysis, VPN service IPVanish has a list of compelling features to attract the eyes of their potential subscribers. However, we were impressed to note that the performance of IPVanish support and servers can surpass the expectations of the subscribers.

There are not so many VPN services like IPVanish that offer better connectivity and streaming benefit to the users. Likewise, the service has an amazing customer service that improves its reputation as an excellent network VPN provider.


Our IPVanish.com review discloses that not all the things are rosy with the service. This is because the provider is based at the US. Moreover, the users may anticipate issues while connecting the service on their routers. Likewise, the provider does not offer free trial feature to the potential subscribers. The users may face IPVanish problems in the form of connectivity and so on sometimes.


Conclusion – IPVanish VPN Review 2018

Our IPVanish.com review reveals that IPVanish has huge potential to grow in future.

The current scenario of this virtual private network suggests that the service is included in the list of vastly growing VPNs.

The service has all the right reasons to be assumed as one of the influential VPN providers in the industry. Based on our analysis, IPVanish receives 7 points out of 10 rating scale which is more than Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN.

After conducting this IPVanish review 2018, we found that the comments, results and speed tests we conducted are significantly positive. With its tempting features and competitive pricing plans, IPVanish is a VPN that you must add to your bucket of alternatives. IPVanish is compatible with different devices and offers FREE software for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

 Furthermore, detailed tutorials are provided to configure the VPN manually on other devices which is like a piece of cake. IPVanish offers 165+ servers in 60 countries that you can connect to. With 7 days money back guarantee, VPN Ranks strongly recommends its trial.

How do you feel after reading IPVanish VPN review? Don’t get bogged down, here are other Best VPN reviews that will cheer you up!

IPVanish Review
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IPVanish VPN
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18 Responses to IPVanish Review 2018 – Should You Buy it or Not?

  1. Admin says:

    IPVanish claims itself as the only service under tier-1 VPN category due to exceptional network speed. As a sole tier-1 VPN provider, IPVanish currently offers 40,000+ shared IPs, along with 750+ VPN servers in 60+ countries, which ensure blazing fast network speeds at all times.

  2. Caroline says:

    Can I use it to watch my sky sports mobile app from the uk in Australia. At the moment I can not watch the app while on holiday in Oz

  3. Cme says:

    Can I side load ipvanish apk to firetv? Otherwise for my pc ipvanish is excellent?

  4. Ying says:

    I tried to use it , however it says
    “response times out. Your DNS maybe be returning incorrect IP addresses . Please verify them with an independent third party DNS provider and modify if needed.”

    What does this mean???

    • admin says:

      Hi Ying, thanks for your comment. Can please let us know which service are you trying to access with IPVanish? The problem seems to be of DNS leak. The service or website might be inspecting your DNS packets, which might be showing two different locations, causing this error to arise. One of the solutions to this problem is by getting a ‘Dedicated IP’.

  5. Fola .W. says:

    Can I use my plan/subscription simultaneously on my PC and iPhone?
    How many devices can be connected?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your valuable feedback. Yes you can use your plan on PC and iPhone simultaneously. IPVanish offers 2 simultaneous logins at the same time.

  6. Maoyen Chi says:

    Although this IPVanish review makes it seem like it’s the best VPN out there, there are some downsides to it. Don’t get wrong, people, it’s quite good but if their servers are improved, it would be even better. If I had to recommend IPVanish for anything that would be using it for online gaming to reduce ping.

  7. paul says:

    for matter of facts, their vpns does not do really anonymous and i can provide any proof af that, in my experience with their swiss vpn i wasn’t able to connect to that location in the manner meant to be simply because yes, their vpn it was working BUT wasn’t anonymous and the destination service just find out my real location! this is a serious security issue! So, what about the security of all the vpns they got in their service???!

    their service is even not reliable, they got issues with that, all of the sudden vpn locations are disappearing as easy as like it’s so normal to shutdown something customers they paid for and keep it down for good with no ETA given.

    this is my experience with ipvanish

    • admin says:

      It is quite unfortunate that you faced such issues. Mostly, we receive positive reviews regarding IPVanish but we will forward your concerns to IPVanish.

      Thank you for your Valuable feedback.

      Best Regards,

  8. mike tassou says:

    I`d like to have some info.
    Do you provide static ip?
    my router is a Linksys E2500 (is it good)?
    if my router connects to vpn could feed 2 or 3 devices?
    (kids on the house and streaming some times)
    Thanks in advance

  9. Jonathan Libov says:

    I have been using IPVanish for last eight months. I am writing this comment because I am a happy customer. They claim that they are the only Tier 1 VPN Provider and I think they are absolutely spot on! I use it for Torrenting and watching Netflix.
    It does however come up with some issues while connecting but overall it is good. When I am travelling out of US, I use IPVanish to watch Game of Thrones via HBO.

  10. Steve says:

    Can you define what you mean by” Only VPN network to be listed in the Tier-1 VPN Network” which you write in your article.”

    • admin says:

      Hi Steve,
      Thank you for writing to us and asking about the Tier-1 VPN Network. A tier-1 VPN network comprises of the IP addresses that are free from the peering settlement. Hope that helps.


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