How to Watch VUDU Outside the US with a VPN

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VUDU Streaming – Spend Less, Watch More

We live in a digital era. So, why stick to the obsolete analogue approaches. You must be wondering why I am saying this. I am saying this because most of you are still spending hundreds of dollars on DVDs. Why spend so much when you can access more by spending less. Yes! I am talking about VUDU.

VUDU is an exceptional streaming platform with outstanding video quality content. VUDU is a one stop platform when it comes to movies, seasons and other video content you wish to seek.

Due to content quality and excellent availability, VUDU has gained substantial market share of viewers in the United States. This actually reminds me of something. A random thought – I guess. Why all good things are confined to the US. Yes! Those who live outside the US can’t access VUDU due to the geo-restrictions imposed.

But don’t worry. If you live outside the US and wish to see your favorite movies and seasons on VUDU, you have come to the right place. Let us show you how to beat the geo-restrictions. Let us show you how to watch VUDU outside the US.

how to watch vudu


Beware! Geo-Restriction Prohibit VUDU Streaming

Those who don’t know, geo-restrictions refer to the regulations that restrict content to be accessed by the natives of a particular locality. Unfortunately, these restrictions are applicable to VUDU. VUDU can’t be accessed by those who live outside the US.

In addition, geo-restrictions pose substantial threat to VUDU fans as well; because, even the US native can’t access VUDU when abroad. Need a viable solution for this? We have got five for you. Prescribed below is a list of 5 best VPNs you may consider to bypass all geo-restrictions and watch VUDU outside the US.

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10 Easy Steps to Watch VUDU Outside the US with a VPN

For all those who are new to this technology called VPN. Here are some easy steps to watch VUDU outside the US without the fear of geo-restrictions, with a VPN.

  1. Select a VPN service provider from the list prescribed above.
  2. Select any package plan as per your budget and preferences.
  3. Complete signup process and wait for confirmation email.
  4. Once your signup is confirmed, go to the official website of VPN service provider and download free VPN client.
  5. Enter the username and password used at the time of account signup or received in confirmation email from service provider.
  6. Select “PPTP” from the list of tunneling protocol supported by the VPN service provider.
  7. Select any server representing the US.
  8. Click “Connect”.
  9. Wait for the connection to be established.
  10. Once the connection is established, access VUDU and say goodbye to all geo-restrictions.


Reasons to Embrace VUDU Streaming

There are multiple reasons for which you should prefer VUDU streaming to all other alternatives. But, we would prescribe only the significant ones.

Wide Range of Movie Collection on VUDU

VUDU offers you wide range of movie collection to choose from at an affordable price. VUDU is one of the few streaming platforms that provide access to diverse video content genre at your finger tips.

Quick Availability

For VUDU, availability of video content is one of the core priorities. You can access any movie on VUDU the same day it is released on a DVD.

VUDU’s Rent/Own Feature

You need not to buy a movie if you wish to watch it just once. VUDU gives you an option to rent or buy a movie at extremely affordable price. Movie rental feature is available at price as low as $3.


Stay Connected with All Your Favorite TV Shows

Does your busy routine conflict with your favorite TV shows? Don’t worry! Stay connected with all your favorite TV shows on VUDU. VUDU is one-stop-platform for all new and old seasons. Don’t want to subscribe to different networks? That’s fine. Catch all your favorite seasons here on VUDU – Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Arrow, From Dusk Till Dawn and so on…

how to watch vudu

how to watch vudu

how to watch vudu

VUDU’s Device Compatibility

Need another reason to go for VUDU streaming? I think device compatibility would fit perfectly here. VUDU is compatible with different devices. You can watch your favorite movies and seasons on your PC along with your iOS and Android supported smartphones. Furthermore, VUDU is also compatible with Mac, iPad, PS3, Xbox360, Roku, Chromecast, Blu-Ray, TV and so on.


FREE Sign-Up

VUDU offers FREE sign-up to its potential clients. Not only this, you also get watch 5 FREE movies of your choice on VUDU after sign-up.


Wrapping UP

VUDU is a one-stop-platform for any video content you wish to seek. You can watch your favorite movies and stay connected with your favorite TV shows at affordable price. VUDU liberates you to own or rent any movie or season of your choice at reasonable price. Moreover, with VUDU’s “Movie of the Day” feature, you can watch a new movie everyday at price as low as $0.99.

With VUDU’s device compatibility, you can enjoy your favorite movies and seasons on any device you may prefer. Sadly, VUDU can only be accessed by the US natives only. The geo-restrictions won’t allow you to access this platform if your IP doesn’t represent respective locality.

Worried much? Don’t be. As long as you have a VPN connected on your device, no restriction can prohibit you to access VUDU. So, if you haven’t got one yet; review 5 best VPNs you should consider and choose one that best serves your needs.

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