Hola VPN Review 2018 – Security Threats, Problems & Alternatives

Whenever you log online, you are exposed to multiple threats of different nature. Sometimes it’s the hacker trying to steal your identity. Other times it’s the government monitoring your digital activities.

Hence, it is highly recommended that you use a VPN service to hide your tracks. However, VPNs are dime a dozen so you’re well-advised to read our VPN reviews.


Below, we will discuss Hola VPN, a service that unblocks websites from 300 server locations but has a vague privacy policy. We provided a detailed guide of Hola VPN review of 2018 for complete understanding of its performance.


Hola VPN Pros

  • Free Service
  • Compatible with all the measure platforms

Hola VPN Cons

  • Little online privacy
  • Shady procedures
  • False advertisement
  • No live chat

What is Hola VPN Unblocker?

Hola Unblocker is an extension that is used to unblock websites and online streaming channels. Hola claims to have 38 million users all around the world, which is a pretty big number actually. People use Hola Unblocker to stream the on-demand TV shows and movies.


Hola VPN Review: Pricing & Plans

Hola is a Freemium VPN, which means it offers a Hola Free VPN and a Hola Premium VPN. The free version of Hola has all the features offered by the VPN, except it does not give permission to use it on multiple browsers, and your IP address is shared by other users.

If you do not want your IP address shared by other users, you better use a premium version of Hola. Hola premium version will further give you security with SSL encryption. It offers a monthly subscription of $5/month or $3.75/month (annual subscription).


Hola VPN Payment Method

The payment options with Hola VPN are limited. You can pay them either through PayPal or credit card. That is it. There are no anonymous payment methods such as Bitcoin and others.


Hola VPN Compatibility

The Hola VPN download section on its website is cluttered with apps for different platforms. Here, you will find Hola VPN APK, its Windows client and other such apps.

The service has custom apps for Windows, Android and Mac. It also has extension from Chrome and Firefox browser. You can find Hola VPN Firefox add-on on the provider’s website. The same applies to the chrome extension.

There is no Hola client for Linux. However, you can use it on your system with the browser extensions of the service.

Hola VPN Customer Support Review

The customer support provided by Hola is minimal at best. There is no live chat option on the website and you can only contact them through email.

There is, however, a very comprehensive FAQ on their website. On this section, you will find some useful information related to the service. Most impressively, it contains guides and manual to help you configure the service on your device.


Hola VPN Protocol and Encryption

Hola VPN does not use a tunneling protocol to encrypt your data. Instead, it utilizes a peer-to-peer network to mask your online identity. Consequently, the lack of encryption means there is always a safety risk with Hola VPN. This service only hides your actual IP address without providing you a layer of an added security.

Hola VPN Security, Logging and Privacy Review

Hola privacy policy claims on collecting anonymous information from its users that helps them improve their service. This information includes hardware specification and browser type. Just like any other VPN provider, Hola also collect personal information i.e. IP address, name, and email.

However, this information is only collected to provide better service to its users. The main concern for Hola users is that Hola VPN is most likely to share information to the law authorities when court orders are presented. Email addresses may also be shared with marketing partners of Hola to which a user can disable by choice.

Hola VPN Review: Speed and Reliability

When connected to Hola VPN, it offers a great speed to which you can use for streaming and torrent downloads. Speed largely depends upon the location of the servers. USA, Canada, and UK are highly preferred servers for faster speed.

When connected to P2P nodes, the speed was much lower for Hola VPN, and that does not comes as a surprise. While using this service, we failed to experience any connection drops or a major speed drop. However, there were problems in speed when using Hola extension because it crashed a few times.

Snail-Like Streaming

Connectivity Issues

Hola VPN Interface

Hola VPN’s app has an aesthetic design. You won’t face much hassle while downloading this app and installing it on your device.

The apps for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows have a similar outlook. Even the Hola extension for Chrome and Firefox works more than an app.

However, there are several issues with the Windows client. Firstly, it is not very user-friendly and is somewhat confusing. It shows servers the servers of the US and the UK as an option but they can only be accessed through a premium account.

The good news is that you don’t have to register for Hola VPN’s apps. In addition, the smartphone app of the service comes with in-built browser. This provides you the convenient option of browsing through the app.

Hola VPN Review: Features

Some of the very best features of Hola VPN are provided below:

  • Hola allows you to connect to its vast range of servers
  • Ad-free browsing
  • Hola is compatible VPN with Mac and runs on all devices i.e. Android, Windows, iOS etc.
  • No Logs

Hola VPN Review: Software

Hola is easy to install for private internet, streaming video, and downloading torrents. Hola VPN software works on every device including Mac OSX, iOS, Android, and Windows. You will be able to find a complete installation guide on their website, which has been explained in plain and simple words.

Hola is not clear about online security of its users. It does mentions that it keeps no logs, but still manages to share information to third-parties for promotional messages. You can also read Opera VPN review for 2018.

Hola VPN vs PureVPN

Our review may seem a bit biased to you and we do not blame you for that. We were also impressed with its services initially until we decided to dig deeper into it. This review is solely based on thorough research and feedbacks from the Hola users only.

Below, we have compared Hola VPN with another popular VPN service. Hopefully, this comparison will empower you in making an educated decision regarding the service.

Hola VR
Not Recommended

PureVPN VRBuy 1 Get 1 Free
Connectivity IssuesYesNo (very rarely)
EncryptionHola does not have a defined encryption supportVPN provides encryption support up to 1024-bit to keep it safe
ProtocolsNo defined protocol supportPPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP and SOCKS5 etc.
Security ConcernsSells your Data to the authorities.No security concerns at all
StreamingSlow speeds and low bandwidths do not make a good case for online streamingDedicated IPs for streaming and high bandwidths ensuring a thunderous streaming process
Visit Provider >>Visit Provider >>

As far as the alternatives are concerned, is there any other better online privacy tool than a VPN? It gives you “ads-free” access to ALL the blocked websites and streaming channels and encrypts your data to keep it safe from the likes of hackers and malwares.

Hola Free VPN: User Feedback

In this Hola VPN review 2018 we checked different aspects about the service. In addition to testing Hola, we also gather user feedback about the VPN service from different social media networks.

Snail-like Streaming with Hola Unblocker

Believe it or not, streaming is the last thing you would want to do with Hola Unblocker. The speed is slow, bandwidths are awful and the never ending buffering is too painful for a user to bear. Imagine streaming a three minute video in 15 minutes.

Download Hola VPN Unblocker Extension

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a veteran internet user, downloading the Hola Extension for your browser does not take more than 5 minutes. You can sign up for free and follow the instructions to install the unblocking extension in your browser.

Hola VPN Unblocked Puts your Online Security at Great Risk

Have you ever questioned your choice of using Hola Proxy server? If not, may be its time to do so now. If you think we are only blabbering about it, see the picture below (taken from Android Google Play) and read down all the comments.


A user claims that her Netflix account was hacked soon after she used Hola Unblocker.

Imagine using a service that could potentially expose you to the cyber goons. While we understand that bypassing the geo-restrictions has its own charm but when it comes to compromising on the online security, we advise our readers to stay away from such services.

Hola VPN Connectivity Issues

The ordeal of using Hola Unblocker Extension only ends once one uninstalls it from his or her PC or any other device. Like many other free proxy servers, Hola also falls on its knees when it comes to fulfilling even half the promises.

If the streaming and privacy concerns are not worthy enough of your attention, may be connectivity issues will make you think twice.

The initial idea behind getting a proxy server is to bypass the geo-restrictions. But what if it doesn’t provide you with the same? What if it does while tearing apart your online security? So there are quite a few things to keep in mind while installing the said extension in your browser.

Hola VPN App for Android and iOS – Risks and Threats

You might like the idea of installing Hola Unblocker in your Android and iOS devices but once the app starts working, it is more likely going to give you headaches. Poor connection and low speeds is one thing, snooping in your activities is other. The app does both.’

View the detailed guide to secure your android devices by using an Android VPN.

Hola VPN Privacy Policy – Something to Ponder On…

It is very clearly stated on the website of Hola that it contains all sorts of logs. It keeps the records of your online activities, your geo-location, the last time you logged in, the URLs you opened in your browser and all the information about your Windows and PC.

And guess what? The collection doesn’t stop here. It collects all your personal information and keeps it in its data base. Even though it claims that it does not pass on your information but what is the guarantee that it keeps your data to itself and does not pass it on to online surveillance agencies like NSA and GCHQ?

Hola VPN Exploits User IPs to provide Botnet Services

Hola has been caught red-handed and is being accused of using the it’s ‘Luminati’ service to sell botnet services that were built on the 47 million users’ IP addresses who signed up for the free Hola service. The free Hola VPN service works by giving users access to blocked websites through a P2P IP exchange system that makes each active Hola user an ‘exit node’ for other people using the service.

Hola used its exit-node service to create a botnet constituting around 9 million IP addresses, giving paying users the power to launch DDoS attacks through the Luminati service. Hola executives brushed off the accusations piling up on internet message boards, and altered the Hola FAQ section silently to avoid legal repercussions, but the service has been exposed for its ulterior motives and malicious operations.

How to Remove Hola VPN?

If you read any Hola VPN Chrome review, it will tell you that the add-on is not as effective as advertised. Therefore, you are better served deleting this extension from your Chrome.

Luckily, as easy it is to install Hola VPN browser extension, it is also easy to remove the VPN from your browser. Since the dangers and threats posed by Hola to your online privacy and security are colossal, here’s how to remove Hola VPN from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Remove Hola VPN from Google Chrome

  • Launch your Google Chrome browser
  • Open ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Extensions’ and all your listed extensions should appear, including Hola VPN
  • Click on the trashcan icon next to Hola VPN
  • Hit ‘Remove’ once the pop-up message appears
  • That’s it, you’re done! Hola should be successfully removed from Chrome

Remove Hola VPN from Mozilla Firefox

Now if you are using Mozilla Firefox, here’s how to remove Hola VPN:

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox
  • Click on ‘Open menu’ icon located at the top right corner
  • Now go to ‘Add-ons’ and then select ‘Extensions’
  • Lookup ‘Hole Better Internet’ VPN extension or search the add-on
  • You will see two option: ‘Disable’ & ‘Remove’
  • First click on ‘Disable’ and then hit ‘Remove’
  • A message will appear showing that Hola VPN has been removed.

Do note, the message at the end would promote you to reinstall Hola onto your Firefox browser. We strongly advise against reinstalling the VPN extension. There are numerous alternatives which are better than Hola VPN and won’t compromise your online privacy or security in any manner.

Hola VPN Reddit Review

Reddit is the forum where privacy seekers form communities discuss their individual experiences with VPN services. Hence, we went looking for some Hola VPN reviews on reddit.

As expected, some users have major concerns with Hola VPN’s operations.

Stop using the Hola VPN right now. The company behind Hola is turning your computer into a node on a botnet, and selling your network to anyone who is willing to pay. from technology

Others also share their distaste for the service.

Hola VPN, sharing my negative experience from pcmasterrace

Alternatives to Hola VPN

By now, our review has outlined all the major strengths and flaws of Hola VPN. Therefore, we will not blame you for looking for an alternative. Fortunately, we almost analyze VPN services on daily basis and have some reviews you can read.

1. NordVPN Review
2. Torguard Review
3. AirVPN Review

Hola VPN Review – FAQs

Hola VPN has problematic procedures and been involved in some infamous privacy-related scandals. This begs the question: Is Hola safe?

We believe Hola VPN offers some nifty features to the users. It comes free which makes it more accessible for everyone. The providers of Hola may have good intentions but still, this service is far from safe.

Hola uses a P2P network that masks your online profile. However, another individual also simultaneously uses the IP address provided to you. This should raise few eyebrows.

Let us say, if the person sharing your IP address uses it for a criminal activity. This activity could be traced back to you and you could end in hot waters.

Hola VPN is very capable of hiding your IP address and proving you with an alternative one. It also provides sufficient speed at times. Also, this service works on all the popular platforms.

But it provides minimal security and very little additional features. Therefore, it may not be the VPN for individuals seeking foolproof protection on the web.

Back in the day, when Netflix was not cracking down VPN services, many Netflix users would use Hole Unblocker to access their favorite show or movie. However, that is not the case anymore! Hola VPN has stopped working with Netflix.

Users can no longer bypass digital fences and access content from other Netflix libraries. This creates a huge problem for binge-watchers around the world who are looking to enhance their entertainment options on Netflix.

That said, the alternative we have provided in this post is working perfectly with Netflix. Using this alternative, you can jump around Netflix libraries and access any TV series, movie, documentary, and other content from anywhere.

If you are looking for a tool that could give you access to all the blocked websites for free, Hola Unblocker is a perfect option for you. However, before using this service, you must ask yourself; “Hola Unblocker safe?”

And if you are already fascinated by the idea of browsing and streaming the websites for free, you will be dreaded when you find out the dangers and threats it possesses.

Wrapping Up

As bitter as it seems, the reality is Hola is far from what it really seems. We learnt with this Hola VPN review of 2018 that the services of Hola cannot be compared to the leading VPN providers in the industry. The ads have the potential of being spywares and the speeds are slow. On one hand you have a proxy service that promises to give you access to the blocked websites while compromising your security, on other you have VPN service that gives you access while making sure you’re safe.

Now you be the judge.




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