11 Best Free VPN Services of 2018 for Safe & Secure Streaming

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Do you want to secure your online privacy without spending your single penny? If yes, it means you have arrived at the right place. Our exclusive 11 best free VPN 2018 guide will try to answer all your privacy and streaming queries instantly. Thus, you can use best free VPN for differnet devices accordingly.

We live in an online world where you have to combat with different kinds of malicious threats all the time. Still if you are unaware of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you are living in fool’s paradise. This is because it is better to use the best free VPN then crying over a spilt milk. You should not compromise on your online privacy at any cost.

Considering the importance of online protection, we have formulated a detailed guide about best free VPN of 2018. The guide will allow you to circumvent the issue of region blocking along with maximum protection hassle-free.

In our viewpoint the best free VPNs for Android are Windscribe and Proton. The former being simple to use and the latter by passing user traffic through Secure Core network. Both the free android VPNs provide variety of speedy servers.

Our Stand for the best free VPNs for iPhone are TunnelBear and Windscribe. The former being simple to use as it provides Secure Online Browsing and the latter makes you stay safe from cyber threats. In our view above iPhone VPNs is accessible all around the world.

In light of our research, our choice for best free VPNs for Windows include SecurityKiss and Hide.me VPN service. The former VPN provider i.e. Security Kiss protects your private data, while the latter VPN provider i.e. Hide.me is amongst the fastest free VPN which is preferred for streaming content online.

What is a VPN?

A VPN provides online protection and anonymity to its users by masking the IP addresses. Moreover, it protects your crucial data from snoopers, hackers, and phishers, to another level. It acts like a secure tunnel between two or more devices.

A VPN applies 356-bit military grade encryption to protect your data. It also offers unlimited bandwidth that allows you to watch your favorite content from anywhere hassle-free. In addition, you are able to circumvent the issue of region blocking to access your preferred websites.


But First, a Word to the Wise

Every single best free VPN has a catch or a fine print. Either the speeds are frustrating or the pop-ups spoil the experience. Since the service is free, there is no promise of service quality or data privacy. Some may even sell your data to other companies. If you have a very tight budget constraint, then it’s better to use a cheap VPN instead of a free service.

What is a Free VPN?

A free VPN is an online privacy tool that allows you to secure your online privacy without paying any subscription fee. However, you will have to face certain barriers in the form of data and servers limitations.

11 Best Free VPN Services of 2018

When it comes to discussing some of the best free VPN in 2018, you have different online privacy services at your disposal. Yes, you have read it right. Through a free VPN of your choice, you can spoof your online locations from ISPs and hackers to another level.

Here is the list of our best free VPN services that consists of:

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
Editor's Choice
$9.00Per Month
Save 55%
$0.00Per Month
Save 48%
Security Kiss
$0.00Per Month
$89.99 OFF
Exclusive Discount
$4.00Per Month
Save 24%
Hide.me VPN
$0.00Per Month
Exclusive Discount

1. Windscribe VPN Known for its Generous Data Cap Feature

Windscribe is included in the list of free online privacy services that allow you to secure your online activities accordingly. The best thing about the service is its P2P feature that you can avail without subscribing.

Windscribe VPN Review is another free VPN you can use to safeguard your online privacy. The provider performs it core operations from Canada and offers a list of compelling features to the users. However, not all the things are rosy with the Windscribe VPN.

This is because the provider only offers servers in selected countries like US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Luxembourg, and Netherlands. Moreover, the users can enjoy the feature of unlimited bandwidth.


Visit Windscribe


Pros of Windscribe VPN

  • Windscribe VPN has amazing free plan that offers 10GB+ of monthly data.
  • Offers a dedicated Chrome browser version
  • Provides a Windows desktop version to the users

Cons of Windscribe VPN

  • The users may experience fluctuations in server speeds
  • Offers limited number of servers in countries
  • The users can anticipate data download restriciton

 2. TunnelBear VPN Works best on Public Wi-Fi

TunnelBear is an impressive selection for those users who want to protect their browsing histories on public Wi-Fi. The service offers a comprehensive list of features like multi-login, compatibility on different platforms and others.

TunnelBear is another free VPN you can opt to secure your online privacy. The service follows the notion of open internet for every single user. Thus, if you want to unblock your preferred video content without any subscription, TunnelBear becomes an interesting choice.

You can explore our detailed TunnelBear review to know more about the service.TunnelBear-free-VPN

Visit TunnelBear


Pros of TunnelBear

  • The service offers dedicated apps for platforms like Android, Mac and iOS
  • The users can enjoy an extra 500MB data feature if they tweet about TunnelBear
  • The subscribers can use the data bandwidth up to 500MB per month

Cons of TunnelBear

  • The provider offers limited number of servers
  • The service maintains an account data of every subscriber

3. Security KISS Allows you to bypass local network restrictions

Fortunately, you can opt SecurityKiss to secure your personal sensitive information to the next level. The service helps you to change your virtual locations that protect your online activities from online snoopers. Thus, you can watch your preferred media content from anywhere instantly.

You don’t get access to the Security Kiss dedicated and fast servers, and the connection speed rarely reaches even half of the claimed 100Mbit/s. The package is better than the others but the service offers very restricted leg room to make for a comfortable user experience.

If you want to know more about the provider in detail, you can read our exclusive Security Kiss review.


Visit SecurityKiss


Pros of Security Kiss

  • SecurityKiss VPN has amazing free plan that offers 300MB data limit per day and 8.78GB monthly data.
  • The users can avail free lifetime subscription plan
  • The subscribers can use the service on their preferred devices hassle-free
  • The freemium service provides tunneling protocols like OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec

Cons of Security Kiss

  • The user can experience data limit of 300 MB/day
  • The service does not offer a huge list of servers to the users

4. ProtonVPN that follows the concept of Secure Internet for Everyone

ProtonVPN has all the right ingredients to be included in the list of best free VPN. It means you can use the service from any country of your choice to overcome online restrictions hassle-free. By doing so, you can access to your desired sites or content straightaway.

ProtonVPN is another VPN striving hard to become one of the best free VPN in online privacy industry. The Switzerland based service follows the notion of “Easy to Use VPN for Everyone”.  The service offers impressive features on its free version like compatibility, unblocking geo-restricted content and so on.

You can explore our detailed ProtonVPN Review to know more about the service.


Visit ProtonVPN


Pros of ProtonVPN

  • The service offers unlimited bandwidth benefit to the free version subscribers
  • The provider has apps for different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Cons of ProtonVPN

  • The service does not support P2P activities of the users

5. Hide.Me VPN provides you Internet Freedom Worldwide

Hide.Me is one of those online privacy services that allow you to secure your online privacy on your desired devices. These devices include Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux.  Likewise, the provider allows you to enjoy the concept of online freedom according to your own needs.

Hide.Me VPN is one of those free VPN that offers online protection and anonymity to the users. The service mainly operates from Malaysia. If the users opt free version, they can experience a list of compelling features under one roof.

If you want to know more about the provider in detail, you can read our exclusive Hide.ME VPN review.


Visit Hide.Me


Pros of Hide.Me VPN

  • The service offers 2GB data transfer benefit to the users on monthly basis
  • The provider has different tunneling protocols like PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IPsec, IKEv1, and IKEv2
  • The users can enjoy 3 Mbit/s bandwidth feature hassle-free

Cons of Hide.Me VPN

  • The service only offers three server locations to the subscribers of free version
  • The users can experience data download restriction

6. ZenMate – The Free VPN that Gets you Internet Without Limits

ZenMate, a top free VPN choice for your device that not only overcomes geographically restricted websites, but also makes sure that your online privacy remains protected. It keeps you anonymous online against governments, hackers, ISPs, and advertisers. Change your virtual location and watch Movies and TV Shows all you want. View detailed ZenMate review for more information.



Pros of ZenMate

  • Servers in 30+ countries
  • Protects your system against hackers
  • Just 2 clicks to setup
  • Lightning speed servers
  • Bypass geo-restrictions

Cons of ZenMate

  • Security encryption only 126-bit

7. SurfEasy – A No-Log VPN for Every Device

Feel free to access any website with SurfEasy because it doesn’t contain any logs. A huge network of servers i.e. 1,000 and presence in 28 countries makes it easy to access any content online. The AdTracker Blocker prevents advertisements to follow you online. Due to the closure of OperaVPN, all its users are transferred to SurfEasy. View detailed SurfEasy review for more information.



Pros of SurfEasy

  • Available in 28+ locations
  • 5 Multi-logins
  • Available as a Chrome and Opera extension
  • Availability of 1,000+ servers
  • Prevents add from following you

Cons of SurfEasy

  • Limited monthly data only 500MB

8. Speedify – Faster Streaming, Browsing, and Chatting with Speedify

When you have Speedify installed on your device, then you are able to access the world with no borders. Access all the social media networking websites if blocked in your country, stream videos, watch news, play games, and enjoy this best free VPN service. As the name suggests, it is amongst the fastest top 10 free VPNs.



Pros of Speedify

  • Fastest free VPN
  • Military-grade encryption i.e. 256-bit
  • Improves latency while gaming
  • Make custom privacy rules
  • Servers available in 28 countries

Cons of Speedify

  • Only 1GB of free data per month

9. GooseVPN – Safe and Limitless Online Browsing

GooseVPN is not completely a free VPN, but it gives you a 30-days free trial that you can cancel it any time. It will guarantee your online safety with a user-friendly interface. If you happen to use a public Wi-Fi, then use it freely when you have GooseVPN installed. This free VPN ensures that your privacy and performance will not be compromised. View detailed GooseVPN review for more information.



Pros of GooseVPN

  • 100% log free
  • Easy-to-use
  • Superfast network
  • Shop online with confidence
  • Access any website over the internet

Cons of GooseVPN

  • No browser extension

10. ZoogVPN – Blazing Fast Free VPN Service with Complete Online Privacy

ZoogVPN is a free VPN that gives you a 2GB bandwidth per month, but allows you to connect with only a single device. Technically, you can make ZoogVPN accounts with a different email address to secure multiple devices. The encryption that it uses is not too bad either, it uses a 128-bit encryption which is reasonable. View detailed ZoogVPN review for more information.



Pros of ZoogVPN

  • Blazing-fast VPN service
  • Access geographically restricted website
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Secure VPN protocols
  • Public Wi-Fi security

Cons of ZoogVPN

  • Available in limited devices and platforms

11. Hotspot Shield – Most Trusted VPN Technology Embedded

Hotspot Shield is one of the better free VPNs in the list that can be downloaded with ease. The free package has 500 MB free data per day and you can protect up to 5 devices simultaneously. Unblock any website that are restricted and that with free streaming of content from around the world. View detailed Hotspot Shield review for more information.



Pros of Hotspot Shield

  • Anonymous browsing
  • Data remains encrypted
  • Fast video and music streaming
  • Protects against hackers and cybercriminals
  • 500 Million users worldwide

Cons of Hotspot Shield

  • Configuration options are limited
  • 1 week free trial for paid subscription


How to Setup a Free VPN

Step 1: Got the VPN providers’ website

Step 2: Subscribe to the VPN > Download its VPN app

Step 3: Run the VPN app on your system

Step 4: Select a Server

Step 5: Hit Connect > Now browse the website anonymously

The Fine Print, Flaws, and Dangers of Best Free VPN Services

  • Helps you to unblock region blocked website
  • Masks your IP address
  • Does not need a subscription
  • Free VPN software often put bandwidth caps and data limits in place
  • Free VPN software may require you to watch ads in exchange for free use
  • Most free VPN providers implement the weakest encryption
  • VPN server location selection options are either limited or not offered at all
  • Free VPN cannot be trusted and may contain malware
  • Installing software from an untrusted source can lead to spyware
  • Most free VPN Software save and sell your data to third parties to cover their costs
  • No reliable customer support system is offered to free users
  • There are no configurable settings in free VPN clients
  • Free VPN client often force users to set their browser home pages
  • IP leak and DNS leaks is a chronic problem in free VPN software
  • Free VPN make money by using their software as a pop-up machine to show ads
  • Privacy policies used by free VPN software tend to have lots of loopholes and backdoors
  • Many free VPN providers might keep logs of your internet activities
  • The tunneling protocols are unknown
  • The users cannot select servers of their choice
  • The subscribers may experience buffering problems

The Advantages and Reasons of Using the Best Free VPN Services

The netizens need to use a free VPN service to protect their online activities without any hassle. When you connect to a free VPN service, you circumvent the issue of geo-restriction to another level. Moreover, you can spoof your online location by availing an alternate IP address from your free VPN provider.

Here is the list of reasons that suggest you must avail the best free VPN service.

  • You can keep the online stalkers at bay
  • You can secure your online activities even if you are connected to public Wi-Fi networks
  • Top Free VPN software unblocks limited geo-restricted websites
  • There is a very large variety of free VPN services available online
  • Best free VPN don’t have any complicated sign-up forms
  • You can switch between free VPN software without any complications
  • They can be used to encrypt your web traffic and protect against minor cyber threats

Free VPN VS Paid VPN

There are two types of VPN service; you may call the first type as free VPN. You may refer the second type as paid VPN service. The paid VPN service offers you more benefits in terms of servers’ network and connection speed. Moreover, you can select your preferred tunneling protocols of your choice like PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN and others.

The paid VPN services allow the users to experience multi-login feature. Furthermore, you can secure your online data with the help of 256-bit encryption. The military grade encryption level enables you to secure your data from online hackers, snoopers and other unwanted personnel.

The premium VPN service allows you to enjoy more stable connection and unlimited data bandwidth feature. After using a paid VPN service, you can attain different benefits like compatibility, customer support, streaming region-blocked content and others.

If you cannot afford a premium VPN service, you may opt a free VPN service. There is no reason to leave your network traffic unprotected. This is because you should not compromise your online privacy at any cost.


Reduce Lags & Latency Spikes in Online Gaming with Best Free VPN

Since the last decade, online gaming has become a hallmark of entertainment for gamers across the globe. Let it be Dota, League of Legends, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Battleborn or Overwatch; the chances are that you may have come up with lag issues while playing any of these games.The lags, latency spikes and ping drops are the fun-killers of online gaming world.

To get rid of gaming issues, a VPN for gaming serves as the 1st option to eliminate lags, DDOS attacks, and all other issues face during online gaming. A broad range of servers dotted across hundreds of countries allows gamers to switch between servers at times of network congestions.

If you want to experience an ultimate gaming experience with no interruptions while saving your hard earned cash, then the specified best free VPN for gaming will serve as perfect gaming companion. However, they can be unreliable at times and can slow down your internet; it is better to use a premium VPN that is built for reducing lag and packet loss while playing online.


Free Gaming VPN List

  • Windscribe
  • Hide.ME
  • Cyberghost
  • TunnelBear
  • Security Kiss

To avail even more options and unmatched features, consider choosing the best premium VPN for gaming.

Best Free VPN For Windows to Get Secured Against Cyber Threats

Windows is the most commonly adopted operating system around the world. Despite being a widely utilized OS, Windows is acclaimed to be the most vulnerable operating system.

After the release of Windows 10, many security vulnerabilities have been reported targeting Microsoft Windows users. Considering the threats to data privacy of Windows users we have come up with an exceptional solution to achieve top-notch protection against State-surveillance, hackers, intruders, data snoopers and other threats.

The answer is a VPN – using a free VPN services, Windows users will instantly get protected against the worst cyber crimes of all times and enjoy a threat-free online experience.


Best Free VPN for Windows List

Below is the list of some free VPNs other than above mentioned list which secure your data and protect you from cyberthreats.

  • Security Kiss VPN
  • Hide.ME VPN
  • Cyberghost Secure VPN
  • Avira Phantom VPN
  • Globus Free VPN Browser
  • Betternet VPN
  • Neorouter VPN
  • Hola Unblocker Free VPN
  • TunnelBear VPN
  • ProtonVPN

For more options and advanced features, go for best paid VPN for Windows.

Best Free VPNs For Safe & Anonymous Torrenting

Are you a die-hard fan of watching the latest movies? If yes then torrenting is a paradise for cinema-lovers. You can find favorite TV shows, documentaries, movies, music, games and much more on Torrent & P2P sites.

But beware of strict copyright laws which have caused millions of torrenters to pay hefty fines and even serve time in prison in countries like US, UK, China & more.

To get around with the restrictions and evade copyright trolls a torrent VPN masks users’ location with a server located in one of the torrent friendly countries (Mexico, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and much more). The above listed best free VPNs for torrenting allows torrent lovers to download and share torrents safely & anonymously without getting caught.
Learn more about some of the best paid torrent VPN services to know which ones truly secure you while downloading torrents.


Best VPNs for Torrenting List

  • ExpressVPN
  • IPVanish
  • NordVPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • AirVPN
  • ProtonVPN
  • Windscribe

Access Popcorn Time Safely with Best Free VPN Services

Popcorn Time is a streaming platform that is unlike any other streaming services out there. How is it different? It’s the way Popcorn Time works is what sets it apart from other established streaming providers. It uses P2P protocol to download the content you want to watch and then allows you to stream online.

Having said that, it’s the P2P protocol that gets users into trouble. There are many regions where P2P file sharing services are blocked and strict laws govern their use. Anyone caught using such services can be issued DMCA notices, penalties in the form of fines or suspension of accounts, lawsuits, and even imprisonment.

Therefore, if you are located in a country where the use of P2P is frowned upon, you should protect your identity and privacy through a VPN. Now there are various best free VPN for Popcorn Time that can be used. TunnelBear and Hotspot Shield just a few service that can help to keep you anonymous while streaming on Popcorn Time.

VPN that do not need subscription for P2P Activities

Surprisingly, the torrent lovers can use VPN that do not need subscription to perform P2P activities from anywhere. Furthermore, you are able to watch geo-restricted content on your preferred devices be it movies, TV shows and much more.

When you want to perform torrenting in order to stream your desired video content, you have to use a VPN that does not require subscription. If you stream without connecting to free VPN services, there is a strong likelihood that you may become a victim of DMCA notices.

It means the users expose their IP addresses to ISPs and copyright holder when they try to access copyrighted content. Thus, the ISPs are able to trace your online activities. As a result, the ISPs send your crucial data to the copyright holders.

Therefore, you may find yourself in the hot waters of legal trouble in the form of copyright infringement notices. Thus, you must secure your online privacy by means of a VPN that does not charge a single penny. By doing so, you can continue streaming of your desired movies, TV shows and others.

Fortunately, you can try out bunch of VPN that offer free services to their users. Here is the list of free VPN for safe P2P activities that includes:

  • ProtonVPN
  • Hide.ME
  • TunnelBear
  • Betternet
  • SecurityKISS
  • Windscribe

Protect Your Mac OS X with a Best Free VPN

Apple Mac OS X systems are utilized throughout the world due to their exceptional stability, integrity and reliability. However, a hacking attempt on Mac OS X in mid of 2015 unveiled how prone Mac OS X can get, when a  terrible flaw lead hackers into the system without being detected.

To ensure an upright privacy, anonymity and net neutrality, subscribers can choose a best free VPN for Mac and get protected instantly. With a VPN installed on your Mac OS X, you can unblock unlimited geo-restricted sites and services from anywhere.


Best Free VPN for Mac Operating System List

  • PureVPN
  • TunnelBear (Free and Paid)
  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • VyprVPN
  • Hide.me (Free and Paid)
  • SecurityKiss (Free and Paid)
  • Cyberghost VPN

If you have a bigger requirement, you can go for best premium VPNs for Mac and enjoy more flexible and trusted services.


Secure Your Android Device by Selecting Best Free VPN

Since its release Android has been a widely popular platform among Smartphone geeks due to a range of supported applications. However, Android platform is claimed to be highly vulnerable because of open-source nature of Android apps. We witnessed a high-profile hacking attack in 2015 that victimized more than 950 million phones running on Android 2.2 and above.

We suggest users equip  their Android phones with best Android VPN and get protected against hacks, identity thefts, ransom ware and more severe cyber threats. Many premium VPN services offer free apps for Android devices and allow you to use their service without any cost but have a cap on data usage.


Best Free VPNs for Android Devices List

  • Windscribe
  • ProtonVPN
  • Secure Line VPN
  • Hola Free VPN
  • Speed VPN
  • Super VPN
  • Hide.me VPN
  • Touch VPN


Protect Your Identity with Best Free VPN for iPhone

Over the years, many users have this notion that iPhone’s are impregnable to any cyber attack. However, this is no longer the case as numerous incidents of identity theft, loss of confidential data, and hacking of iPhone devices have been reported. So, the use of VPN service becomes more important on iPhone than ever before.

Now there are numerous VPN providers that you can choose from, including free ones. Here’s a list of the best free VPNs for iPhone that you can consider to use. They can be easily downloaded from iTunes onto your device and will help you secure your privacy. Do note that some free services don’t offer unlimited data usage or expansive server locations. But, they can be used for hiding your real IP address (provided there are no IP leaks) and encrypting your internet traffic.


Best Free VPN for iPhone List

  • TunnelBear Free iPhone VPN
  • Windscribe free iPhone VPN
  • Hide.me – iPhone VPN
  • Betternet
  • Cloak VPN

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Operating Systems and Devices

We live in a dangerous online world where you can anticipate any kind of serious online threats from hackers or snoopers. Therefore, it is better to use free unlimited VPN that secures your online identity and protects your different devices and operating systems.

Interestingly, the iOS users can connect to free unlimited VPN to experience the unmatched performance of best free VPN app. Likewise, the Android and Mac users can opt free unlimited VPN to explore free VPN app on their devices.

Similarly, if you want to use a VPN on your Windows devices that offers its services free, you can achieve your objective. This is because there are VPN available you can try on your Windows devices and obtain online anonymity.

The Android and iOS users can opt free VPN on their devices if they want to remain anonymous and secure online. It means they can select various online privacy providers that have dedicated VPN app for different devices. This is how the users can perform the task of web browsing according to their own terms.

Fortunately, you can still use those VPN that offer unlimited bandwidth speed and other key features to the users. In addition, free unlimited VPN do not need the users’ subscription at all. Hence, you can protect your network traffic from the eyes of your ISPs to another level.


The best free unlimited VPN offers tons of interesting features to the users hassle-free. Moreover, you can enjoy seamless streaming of your desired content through free unlimited VPN on your preferred devices from anywhere. Here is the list of best free unlimited VPN that includes:

  • Opera Free VPN
  • Hola VPN
  • Unseen Online
  • Ultra Surf VPN
  • Cloud VPN
  • Windscribe

Reddit Review on Best Free VPN

Reddit is one of the most popular interactive platforms where best free VPN users exist in huge numbers. Therefore, you can easily find relevant reviews and suggestions about VPN that offers freemium service to its users.

After reviewing feedback and suggestions about free VPN on Reddit, you can make a right decision to improve your online security accordingly. Thus, you will be able to select VPN service that provides you online anonymity from different cyber threats free. Also you can view the ratings of VPN services on CNet.


Reddit is an interesting platform that discusses about the pros and cons of free VPN in detail. Therefore, the users prefer to visit Reddit in order to select the best free VPN to attain maximum online protection.  Here is the list of free VPN as per Reddit findings.

  • Tunnelbear
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • Betternet VPN
  • Hola
  • VPNBook
  • ProtonVPN

Secure Your Google Chrome with Best free VPN Browser Extension

If you are looking for a tool that will secure your Google Chrome web traffic, then you should give free VPN browser extensions a try. There are numerous free VPN software, especially designed for Google Chrome. They are free to download and will help you encrypt internet traffic while hiding your true identity over Google Chrome.

Some of these extensions include ZenMate, TunnelBear, Hotspot Shield, and Betternet VPN. These browser extensions can be really helpful in accessing blocked websites from different regions. For instance, you can access streaming websites such as Pandora or BBC iPlayer using best free VPN for Chrome. However, not all extensions are good for your privacy. Take the case of Hola VPN Review, it sell its user base as botnet service to third parties.


Best VPN Free for Chrome to Secure Your Online Browsing

Google Chrome being a freeware web browser that offers hassle-free web surfing experience to the users. The browser is compatible with different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and iOS. The Google Chrome’s functionality revolves around the open source Chromium project.

The free VPN for Chrome offers best free VPN software that protects the online browsing of Chrome users straightaway. In addition, you are able to unblock the region blocked sites or services instantly.

The browser capitalizes on sandboxing approach to web security.  However, the approach is not enough to fulfill the users’ online protection needs. This is because the users have to come up with different technique to attain the required level of anonymity.

Yes, you have read it right. All you have to do is to subscribe free VPN service that allows you to obtain anonymity straightaway. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve your objective of online privacy. If you wish to experience hassle-free online web surfing through your chrome browser, you have to equip yourself with free VPN.

Fortunately, you can use free VPN on your chrome browser according to your own terms. Here is the list of best free VPN that includes:

  • Hide.ME VPN
  • TunnelBear
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Windscribe
  • SecuirtyKISS

Best Free VPN for FireStick

Amazon Fire Stick is an interesting choice for those streaming lovers who want to watch their favorite video content instantly. It means you can stream your desired movies or TV shows from anywhere without any hassle.

A Fire Stick is a kind of flash drive you can plug into a TV’s HDMI port. Though, you should use a free VPN to access geo-restricted content anonymously. Moreover, you are able to spoof your online location to watch any content of your choice straightaway.

The Fire Stick device offers the highest level of compatibility since the users can connect the device with various operating systems. If you are using Windows or laptop device, you can configure Fire Stick to start streaming of your desired content straightaway.

Through Fire Stick, you are able to watch your favorite channels straightaway. The channels you can stream with Fire Stick are:

  • Crackle
  • Netflix
  • HBO Now
  • BBC News
  • Food Network
  • ESPN and others

Luckily, you have a free VPN at your disposal that makes your streaming experience anonymous and secure. Here is the list of free VPN for Fire Stick you can try out:

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Buffered
  • PureVPN
  • Windscribe
  • Bullet VPN

Even if want more advanced features and additional security, Than you need to use a Paid VPN for Firestick which you can look on the best paid VPNs for Firestick.


Best Free VPN for Linux to Protect Against Cyber Threats

When it comes to evaluating the pros and cons of an open source operating system, nothing comes close to Linux. Linux has a similar graphical interface just like other operating systems such as Windows, OS X and iOS. However, the open source feature makes Linux different from other operating systems.

However, not all the things are rosy with Linux since the software has become an easy target for online hackers. Therefore, you have to use a best free VPN to secure your Linux operating system from various cyber threats.

After using best free VPN software, you are able to connect to your desired server. Thus, you can secure your crucial data from snoopers to the next level. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy risk free online web surfing from anywhere through free VPN of your choice.

Here is the list of best VPN for Linux you can use to protect your Linux based systems and devices instantly. The list of VPN for Linux includes:

  • SecurityKISS
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • Buffered
  • Windscribe
  • ProtonVPN


Best Free VPN for Firefox to Experience Anonymous Web Browsing

The Firefox web browser is the brainchild of Mozilla foundation that enables the Firefox users to perform web browsing with an ease.  However, the users need to protect themselves since they can become an easy target for snoopers.

In addition, the Firefox users can secure their crucial data after using best free VPN of their choice. It means, the free VPN offers a list of compelling benefits that play significant role in enhancing the users’ anonymity to new heights.

If you wish to enjoy hassle –free online web browsing on your Firefox web browser, you need to use a free VPN at least. There are Firefox users those who do not want to subscribe to a paid VPN service, they can still select their desired free VPN service from the list of free VPN for Firefox.

Luckily, the Firefox have plenty of options when it comes to using best free VPN accordingly. This is because the users can still safeguard their online privacy by opting various VPN that do not require subscription.

Here is the list of free VPN that you can use on your Firefox browser without any annoyance.

  • VPNBook
  • Zenmate
  • Proton VPN
  • SecurityKISS
  • Hide.me


Best VPN Free Trial that allows Users to Experience Anonymity

When it comes to exploring the advantages of anonymous web surfing, you should not ignore VPN those offer free trial feature. It means you can still use VPN that do not need any payment on your behalf to explore the true benefits of anonymous online surfing.

When you use VPN that allows the users to evaluate the pros and cons of the service through free trial, it makes your life easy. It means you can explore the advantages of free VPN in detail because you do not need to pay the price of the product.

Hence, you can attain tons of interesting features that include compatibility, logging and privacy policy, customer support and so on. In addition, you can understand about the privacy policy of VPN that provide free trial benefit to the potential subscribers.

Here is the list of best free trial VPN that comprises of

  • Cactus VPN
  • SaferVPN
  • HideIPVPN
  • NordVPN
  • FlyVPN

Free VPN that do not keep the logs of the Users

Fortunately, the netizens can select VPN that do not keep the logs of the users. If your VPN service is recording your online activities by logging personal information, the VPN provider can sell your data to third party marketers.

Therefore, you should connect to those VPN services that offer clear no-logging policy to their subscribers. This is because the users indulge themselves under serious threats if they do not subscribe to VPN that do not keep logs.

Moreover, they can secure their online identity by opting online privacy providers those do not record the browsing histories of their users.

Here is the list of free VPN that follow strictly no logs policy for their users. The list includes:

  • Hide.me
  • Windscribe
  • ProtonVPN
  • ZoogVPN
  • TunnelBear


Best Free VPN for Kodi to Access Geo-Blocked Channels

Kodi is one the most popular entertainment services that you can use today to watch live TV, your favorite movies and TV shows, listen to latest music, and also play games. Formerly known as XBMC, Kodi can be installed on your laptops, mobile devices, and tablets.

To watch your favorite media on Kodi, you need to add certain add-ons. These add-ons contain various channels through which you can stream content online. Unfortunately, various channels are geo-blocked and will only work from specified locations.

But, if you have a free VPN for Kodi by your side, you can unblock any geo-restricted channel with ease. We tested Hotspot Shield and CyberGhost VPN to access various channels that were blocked outside USA. These best free VPN service worked well on desktop and allowed us to enjoy US based Kodi channels without any interruptions.

Best Kodi VPN List (Free and Paid)

  • Betternet free for Kodi
  • Psiphon free for Kodi
  • TunnelBear free for Kodi
  • Windscribe free for Kodi
  • PureVPN
  • IvacyVPN
  • Dacho VPN
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • PrivateVPN

Binge-Watch Unlimited Content with a Best Free VPN for Netflix

Netflix is one the most powerful streaming services in the world. Ever since its expansion into new territories, Netflix brings you endless hours of entertainment with numerous TV shows and movies.

However, there is one problem.

The content libraries are not the same in every Netflix region. For instance, you might not get the same shows in Netflix Brazil as compared to Netflix India. Currently, Netflix US offers the largest library of shows and movies. One of the ways to access different Netflix regions is through the best free VPN.

These VPN services will allow you to spoof your virtual location and enjoy your favorite show or movie on Netflix, no matter where you are located. Do note, Netflix has started hunting down various VPN users in recent time. So, not all free VPNs might work here.

You can go for a best paid VPN for Netflix for maximum options and features.


Best VPN for Netflix List

  • HideMyAss
  • ExpressVPN
  • VyprVPN
  • NordVPN
  • PrivateVPN

Best Free VPN with Port Forwarding

Are you facing slow internet speeds while downloading? Do you want to secure a certain port on your system? Then you should look for port forwarding feature. Port forwarding allows you to redirect the computer signals coming into your device through specific pathways. It is handled by NAT (network address translation) at router level.

But, not many VPN services offer port forwarding feature. One way of knowing whether your VPN service offers port forwarding is by checking whether you are able upload torrents while using the VPN. If you are only able to download the torrent and not upload, then it means that port forwarding is not supported.

Not many free VPN services offer port forwarding feature. This is where you should consider a premium VPN service. They will help you setup port forwarding on your router and also offer additional security features such as NAT firewall to safeguard your data.

Best Free VPN with Port Forwarding List

  • TunnelBear VPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • me VPN
  • SurfEasy VPN
  • Hotspot Shield VPN

Unblock Unlimited Websites with the Best Free VPN for PC

There are numerous websites that will only work within specified geographic boundaries or are subject to internet censorship. For instance, Hulu is an online streaming service that will only work within United States. If you try to access Hulu outside USA, you will be blocked from watching content online.

Likewise, various websites are blocked due to censorship. In countries like China and Russia, you won’t be able to access different news websites, forums, and even social media platforms. This is where a free VPN for PC comes to your aid. By connecting to the desired server, you can change your IP address and unblock websites from the designated country.

Best Free VPN for PC List

  • Cyberghost VPN
  • Avira Phantom VPN
  • Globus Free VPN
  • Betternet VPN
  • Security Kiss VPN
  • Spotflux VPN
  • Neorouter VPN
  • Hotspot Shield VPN

Why Users Should Opt Fastest VPN Free

Luckily, the netizens can select fastest free VPN service in order to secure their digital privacy from hackers.  In addition, the service offers fastest servers that improve your streaming experience to the next level. Therefore, you can select your desired fastest VPN services that do not charge a single penny from subscribers.

Here is the list of fastest VPN services you can try out free and these are:

  • Turbo VPN
  • VPN Speed
  • SecurityKISS
  • Windscribe
  • TunnelBear

Best Free VPN for Different Regions

Here is the list of 9 countries from all around the world where free VPN works best.

  1. UK
  2. CHINA
  3. UAE
  6. INDIA
  9. DUBAI

Best Free VPN for UK

The netizens those who are residing within UK need to use a VPN that do not charge any fee from the users. This is because the UK government has recently passed “Digital Economy Act” that allows the government to punish copyright violators with severe sentences.

In this scenario, the role of free VPN becomes significant. It means you have to connect to a free VPN service in the UK if you want to tackle copyright infringement issues. By doing so, you can safely stream your preferred video content within the UK.

Moreover, you are able to secure your online location through the help of alternate IP address.  This is how you can unblock your favorite video streaming services in the UK. In addition, you can secure yourself from getting DMCA and other legal notices.

Here is the list of free VPN you can opt to secure your online privacy in the UK.

  • Windscribe
  • CyberGhost
  • TunnelBear
  • SurfEasy
  • Speedify

VPN Users Can Opt free in China

China is one of those countries that follow the notion of restricted access to the internet. It means the users residing in China have to anticipate various kinds of online restrictions in the form of Great Firewall of China.

Therefore, the Chinese users have to select those free VPN services that offer online anonymity instantly. Furthermore, you are able to explore your preferred social media sites or services by using VPN that does not charge a single penny.

Here is the list of free VPN you can safely use in China that includes:

  • Betternet
  • me
  • Hola
  • Spotflux Lite
  • PrivateTunnel

 VPN Users can select in UAE Free

Luckily, you can use your desired free VPN services in UAE if you want to circumvent the issue of geo-restriction. Yes, you read it correctly because you have a VPN at your disposal that allows you to access to the region-blocked content straightaway. This way you can tackle the legal issues like DMCA notices and copyright infringement to the next level.

Here is the list of best free VPN you can try out in UAE:

  • Opera Free VPN
  • Speedify
  • TunnelBear
  • Windscribe
  • Spotflux Lite

In fact, you can also try the premium options for a best VPN for UAE and enjoy more advanced features.

VPN you can use free in Australia

Australia is included in the list of those countries where the users cannot perform P2P activities. If you conduct torrenting process without using VPN that offers free service, you may become a victim of online piracy.

You may receive copyright infringement notices from copyright holders. Thus, you are bound to use a VPN that spoofs your online location. Hence, your online activities are not traced by the ISPs. As a result, you may access to your preferred content within Australia anonymously.

You can consider the below mentioned list of free VPN that provide anonymity in Australia. The list includes:

  • Hotspot Shield
  • TunnelBear
  • Speedify
  • Me
  • SurfEasy

VPN Users can opt in Canada free

The Canadian internet users need to secure their online privacy from their ISPs. This is because you cannot access the region-blocked services in Canada if you do not use a VPN. A free VPN allows you to masks your IP address. Thus, you can safely perform P2P activity or any online activity of your choice through best free VPN. In-fact we gathered 5 best Canada VPN for premium services of 2018.

Here is the list of VPN you can use in Canada free. The list includes:

  • Buffered
  • Betternet
  • Opera Free VPN
  • SurfEasy
  • Me

Free VPN you can use in India

Interestingly, the Indian government has also started taking stern actions against torrent users. Therefore, you need to protect your online privacy by using a VPN that does not charge any amount from the users. Thus, you are able to perform safe torrenting in India through a VPN that hides your IP address from the ISPs.

Here is the list of VPN services you can use in India free. This list comprises of

  • Me
  • PrivateTunnel
  • SurfEasy
  • Betternet
  • Hotspot Shield

VPN Netizens Can Try in Singapore Free

Singapore is another country where netizens cannot exercise their online freedom right. This is because the official authorities follow the notion of region blocking. Therefore, the users have to connect to VPN those offer free services to unblock their preferred video streaming services or sites.

Here is the list of VPN provides you can opt free in Singapore to experience online anonymity instantly.

  • CyberGhost
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Spotflux Lite
  • SecurityKISS
  • Windscribe

Best Free VPN for New York

If you want to secure your online identity through a VPN that offers services without any charges in New York, you can select free online privacy providers. Yes, you read it correctly because you need to use a VPN that masks your IP address. Thus, you can surf the web anonymously within New York.

To ease your VPN selection process, you can select any VPN of your choice from the given list that includes:

  • Windscribe
  • SecurityKISS
  • Spotflux Lite
  • CyberGhost
  • Ultra Surf VPN

 VPN Subscribers Can Select in Dubai Free

Likewise, the netizens those who are residing in Dubai can achieve their mission of online anonymity. By opting free VPN service, they can protect their digital identity from their ISPs and hackers straightaway. Moreover, they can gain access towards their preferred content hassle-free.

There are VPN services you can use in Dubai to protect your digital privacy without paying a single penny. These are:

  • Turbo VPN
  • VPN Speed
  • Speedify
  • CyberGhost
  • SecurityKISS

VPN Users can opt for their Laptops Without Any Payment

Laptops are small notebooks or personal computer users can carry with themselves quite easily. However, the attractive devices are embedded with a list of online security risks that users should not ignore at any cost. Therefore, the role of a VPN that does not need payments from subscribers becomes an ultimate solution.

If you want to secure your laptop devices from digital privacy issues, you should select free VPN. These are:

  • CyberGhost
  • SecurityKISS
  • Buffered
  • Betternet
  • Turbo VPN

Best VPN Subscribers can opt for Android Box Free

Fortunately, the Android box users can select free VPN to watch their favorite video content from anywhere anonymously. It means after selecting a VPN that provides free services, you can secure your online privacy to the next level.

Here is the list of VPN services you can try out in collaboration with your Android box free:

  • Turbo VPN
  • VPN Speed
  • Cloud VPN
  • SecurityKISS
  • TunnelBear

Free VPN Download

The free VPN providers listed below offers dedicated apps that you can download on your desired devices instantly. Fortunately, you can download your desired free VPN service like Windscribe, TunnelBear, and SecurityKiss on Windows, Android, iOS and others.

After downloading the apps on your preferred platforms, you can install the app through user-friendly installation guides straightaway. The same goes for ProtonVPN and Hide.Me VPN services since both VPN services have easy to use software and apps that you can download on your favorite devices.

By doing so, you can obtain online anonymity and protection on different platforms hassle-free.

Below is the list of best free VPN services, you can simply download your desired VPN provider in just one click.

  1. Windscribe Free VPN Download
  2. TunnelBear Free VPN Download
  3. SecurityKiss Free VPN Download
  4. Proton Free VPN Download
  5. Hide.me Free VPN Download

Can a Best Free VPN Protect Me From Man In The Middle Attack?

Free VPN services offer many benefits, but when it comes to securing against Man In The Middle attack, they lack the firepower and security prowess. For those of you who don’t know anything about Man In The Middle attack, it is an attack conducted by a hacker who intercepts a conversation between two people and possible alters the communication.

For instance, if you are using an unsecured WiFi hotspot to chat with your friend, an attacker can easily use this access point and insert himself as the middle man between your conversation. This way the attacker controls the entire conversation and can eavesdrop on all the messages exchanged between you and your friend. He can also change the conversation and reply messages of his choice.

The Man In The Middle attack is completely oblivious to the naked eye. One way of protecting against such attack is through encryption. Although many VoIP apps now have end-to-end encryption, it is still important to safeguard against Man In The Middle attack. This is where a premium VPN comes into play.  Some of the best VPN software offer military grade encryption that will safeguard your conversation and also make you anonymous to Man In The Middle attacks.

FAQ’s of Best Free VPN of 2018

If you are still unsure what best Free VPN does, you should consider going through the below mentioned questions.

What is the business model behind best free VPN?

When you want to understand the business model behind the best free VPN, you should dig in deep. A free online privacy services also offer premium versions to the users. After using the free version of your preferred VPN service, you are motivated enough to opt the premium version of the services.

How does free VPN protect my PC?

A free VPN secures your Windows desktops by offering required level of security to the users. A VPN app works in the background and protects all the online activities of the users. In addition, best free VPN 2018 according to Reddit offers next level protection to the users on other devices.

What do I lose by going free?

There is a limit to everything; if you follow the proverb then you can understand the whole logic of this phrase. If you use best free VPN service, you are able to protect your digital privacy. Still, you cannot avail the whole list of features and other offerings.

This is because all the free VPN services have limitations that you should keep in your mind.

Does your provider keep logs?

You must make sure that your online privacy provider does not record your online activities. To secure your online privacy, you should read the logging policy or terms & conditions page of the VPN services in detail.

Can I sign up from anywhere anonymously?

It depends on which free VPN service you have opted to achieve online freedom. If you have subscribed without providing your email addresses, chances are that you have secured your online presence. If you select Bitcoin for making your online payments anonymous, it means you have signed up securely.


All the aforementioned best free VPN services of 2018 were put through their paces before writing this article. Each one of them works well for certain features but not all. You can use them to hide your original location, access geo-blocked websites, and defend against small cyber attacks.

But, with the chances of IP leaks, poor security measures (weak encryption levels and protocols), limited server choices, caps on bandwidth, and various other problems, best free VPNs cannot compete with a premium VPN service.

So if you are looking for online freedom, or want to carry out any sensitive online activity that you think needs to be secure and private, then it’s more suitable to use an established VPN service provider that provides leading edge service, does not keeps logs, and won’t sell your data to third parties.




Salmi's Biography :

A business school grad specializing in marketing, Salmi found his love for writing during studies. Salmi now pursues a career as a digital privacy & security advocate for VPNRanks working as a blogger. Salmi loves reading about sci-fi & technology while cricket is his game of choice. When the world cries ‘online freedom’ Salmi stands resolute raising his voice for the rights of netizens everywhere.

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  1. Jannet Harley says:

    Amazing top 10 Free Services list of 2018, Thank you for the amazing article.

  2. Kevin Maron says:

    I don’t know guys how can you go with free services when we talk security. At least when you pay you to have what to blame. and the free services they should get money somehow probably selling your data or something. be careful. I am staying with nordvpn after trying few it seems most decent.

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hello Kevin, you are partially right that Free VPN providers does have to earn from something, but it doesn’t always have to be ‘selling users’ data’. The VPN providers that have listed in our guide does not leak data or sell any users’ data. These VPN providers either earn through their premium versions, or they earn through advertisements. This is also the reason why Free VPN providers slow down your internet due to advertisements. And yes, you are right. Paid VPN subscription is always better.

  3. Rudolph says:

    Important Questions – I think so anyway.
    I am currently using Cyberghost’s free version
    I performed a DNS leak test (after reading the comments to your article – thank you) on both ipleak.net and DNSleaktest.com.
    – Both leak tests DID NOT reveal my IP address. Great
    – Both leak tests DID reveal the proxy IP address out of the Netherlands. Great
    – Both also showed Cyberghost’s IP address in Manchester, England – HERE ARE THE QUESTIONS….
    1. I assume all the VPN services know my IP address and the names of all the sites visited?
    2. Therefore, regardless of their stated policies, do these services truly provide anonymous web surfing?
    3. How much can we trust these VPN services to not collect and store data?
    4. How trustworthy are they that they are not turning over data to a 3rd party?
    5. How do I know some of these services are not just paid fronts for a 3rd party?

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hello Rudolph, thanks for shedding lights on such important questions about VPN.
      First Question: Yes, All of the VPN users can know your IP address and all the names of the websites. However, the FREE VPN would risk your online activity by selling the information to third-parties. Because, this is how they earn by calling them free. Whereas, Paid VPN providers do not sell your IP address info or the sites you visited. Because, this is confidential and this is how they earn.
      Second Question: Yes, for Paid VPN, they do provide anonymous web surfing. If they hadn’t, all of the people in China or around the world would be in jail if the government thought they breached the constitution.
      Third Question: Again, a free VPN would store your data and sell, whereas, paid VPN will never compromise on your online activity and the logs are deleted automatically (So, zero logs technically)
      Fourth Question: They are never to be called ‘Trustworthy’, not Free VPN anyway.
      Fifth Question: Get a Paid VPN is all im going to say as they would never reveal your identity with 256-bit encryption.
      I hope these answers your question. Do ask us if you have any problems.

  4. marco says:

    spy off is NOT FREE !!!

    • Shahmeer Baloch says:

      Yes Marco. When we wrote this guide Spyoff was a free VPN. We have now updated the blog and removed Spyoff from the list.

  5. Lion says:

    Good list. But I prefer paid services to the free ones. I use a paid vpn service and I’m glad that I’m using it. It works fast and I’m sure that it works better than the free one. Moreover, paid services are more reliable. I don’t think that 6$ per month it’s too expensive

    • Shahmeer Baloch says:

      Hey Lion, we totally agree with what you just said. There is a chance that a Free VPN may contain logs. When compared with a paid VPN, a free VPN is slow that may also slowdown your internet.

  6. Fredrik says:

    SecurityKISS is also leaking DNS requests when checked on ipleak.net!

  7. Fredrik says:

    I’ve tested the free version of Hotspot Shield, but it is leaking DNS requests when checked on ipleak.net!

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hi Fredrik. Thanks for the excellent question.
      We are operating from Madison (USA), and right now I am using free version of Hotspot Shield and I am connected from Canada right now and Hotspot Shield doesn’t happened leak DNS request when checked on ipleak.net!
      Here is a live Screenshot!
      live screen shot for free vpn ip leak test

      Did you had a Hotspot Shield chrome extension installed?
      Or the Hotspot shield software?

  8. Aamer says:

    Hi Danish,

    I need the VPN only for Skype as it is blocked in Oman but do not want the web browsers or email clients or any other application to route through the VPN, is there anyway to achieve this? I use a MAC.

    • admin says:

      Hi Aamer. Thanks for the excellent question. Unfortunately, Skype is not very friendly when it comes to plug-ins and extensions. So you might have a bit of trouble in setting up a Skype-only VPN. That is why most VPN services offer general-purpose VPN services to users looking for a VPN solely for Skype. The way I see it, you’ve got two options now:
      1. Go for a general purpose VPN that is Skype friendly. Almost all of the VPN we have reviewed are Skype friendly so you shouldn’t have any problems if you go with this option.
      2. Go for a VPN that offers Split-Tunneling. VPN services such as PureVPN used to offer Split-Tunneling at one point, but I noticed that they recently discontinued it in the latest version of their client. You can always contact the PureVPN team to ask them if they can do something for you about that; but I wouldn’t put all my eggs in that basket if I was in your shoes.
      Do tell me how you choose and how it works out for you. Cheers!

  9. majid ks says:

    thanks ,very nice software

  10. epiCNiGhTwOlf says:

    is it work in india on 3g network?

    • Yes, all of these VPN services should work over a 3G network in India. But if you’re planning on installing any one of these on a smartphone, I recommend subscribing to a 3G package that offers unlimited data. Do tell us how it works out for you! Cheers!

  11. Andreia says:

    I tried HotSpotShield, at first it was good, then after a while I was suprised with the pages redirecting in my web browser. even if I click no thanks for the offers, it did not redirect me to the page that I want. I thought it was a virus. I had to uninstall that and that ended my problem.

    • You are not the first to run into this problem Andreia. Free VPN services can become irritating when they start resorting to desperate measures to cover their costs. That is why I recommended alternatives – because free VPN services tend to take a toll on your internet surfing experience.

  12. khan says:

    my router is not support port farwaeding but I need it in online gaming.any solution?

  13. aaa says:

    what about hideme VPN

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hey, Hide.Me is a VPN provider with a great reputation for security, anonymity and transparency and they are certified log-free. But according to VPNRanks research it doesn’t exist in top 5 list of best free VPN that is why we haven’t covered Hideme VPN yet.

  14. DramaXoxoQueen says:

    Thanks for this review. I am in search of good free VPN. I tried tunnel bear, hotspot shield, and cyberghost. Tunnelbear’s interface is very nice, but the connection is not so good. Hotspot shield slows down my PC because of the advertising poping up. Cyberghost is also great. I tried ZenVPN (http://zenvpn.net) free service I was able to watch Netflix and Hulu using that VPN. So far ZenVPN and Cyberghost are great to use. 🙂

  15. tariq says:

    Security KISS is best

  16. Vikram Banerjee says:

    Thanks man,I owe you one. 🙂

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    i hope god help u

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