Buffered VPN Review 2017

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Overview of Buffered VPN

VPN industry has a new kid on the block and it’s called ‘Buffered VPN’. The Hungarian based VPN provider started its operation in 2014 and it is one of fastest developing services that we have seen to date. Buffered offers exciting features coupled with great performance and easy to use service. It is definitely a VPN service that you should watch out for.

In Buffered VPN review, we will test, evaluate and critique every feature of provider and present you our findings of their service. Read along to discover everything about Buffered VPN.

Pros of Buffered VPN

  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Server Switches
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Offers Servers in 31 Countries
  • Fast Performance
  • Compatible on Multiple Platforms
  • Offers PPTP, L2TP/IPSec & OpenVPN Protocols
  • Zero Log Policy
  • 5 Simultaneous Logins


Cons of Buffered VPN

  • Slightly Expensive
  • No Live Chat
  • No Anonymous Payment Method


Pricing Plan

Buffered VPN offers three different pricing plans like many other providers in the industry. You can select a monthly plan, semi-annual plan or an annual plan. When we compared the prices in our Buffered VPN review to other VPN providers, Buffered isn’t the cheapest VPN service you will find out there.

Buffered VPN Review

There are VPN Providers that offer more features and add-ons for considerably at less price. However, with longer duration subscription, you do get more discounts. And, all the packages come with 30-day money back guarantee; allowing users to try and test the service on multiple platforms. Similarly, the high price does deliver a great performance so it’s worth the investment (as you will see later in the review).

Step by Step Signup Process

The signup process for Buffered VPN is very simple and consists of easy steps.

  • Once you have selected the pricing plan, choose a username, password and email address.
  • Then select the payment option (credit card or PayPal).
  • Fill out the details of the payment method & click ‘Join’.
  • Once the payment has gone through, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Now download Buffered VPN client (for Windows) or manually setup the service on your chosen device to use the service.
  • Enjoy internet privacy & accessibility with Buffered VPN.


Servers Spread of Buffered VPN

Since Buffered VPN is relatively a new service, its server spread isn’t that much. Currently, Buffered offers servers in 31 countries around the world including Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, and other major European nations. Although it covers some off the major countries, Buffered should expand its server network in the coming future and add more regions.

Buffered VPN Review

For our Buffered VPN review, we tested these servers and access different websites and streaming services for other regions. We were really pleased with its performance as there were no IP or DNS leaks when accessing blocked websites for other parts of the world. Similarly, we were able to stream on Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ITV, and HBO Now without any interruptions or delays.

Buffered VPN Speed Test

One of the impressive features about Buffered VPN review was its fast performance. We conducted speed test using speedtest.net while using the VPN provider and found that it offers great speeds. The first test was done without any VPN connection and the following result was obtained:

Buffered VPN Review

Next, we connected to a US server using OpenVPN protocol and observed the following result:

Buffered VPN Review

The results show that there was hardly any drop in download speeds but the ping did rise to some extent. However, the performance was seamless and we were able to use different streaming services to watch TV shows and movies in HD.


Customer Support

A key area for any VPN provider is how it takes care of its customers and helps them in resolving their queries. Buffered VPN offers customer support through email ticketing system, detailed support articles and FAQ section.

Support Articles and FAQs, both these sections contain basic to technical information about the service. You can get answers to payment methods, how to retrieve your login credentials and other general queries along with technical questions such as how to setup VPN on Windows 8.1 or queries regarding OpenGL.

The email ticketing system was very impressive as our query was resolved within few hours of inquiring.  Similarly, we were also impressed by the volume of content and details available for users in Buffered VPN support section. However, Buffered doesn’t offer a live chat feature at the moment, which was one of the drawbacks about the service. But with their rapid development, Buffered do say that they will be launching a live chat feature very soon.

Payment Methods

Like we mentioned earlier in our Buffered VPN review, you can choose from two payment methods: credit card or PayPal. These two payment options are industry’s leading standards and offered by numerous VPN providers. Buffered VPN accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover as credit card payment option.

Buffered VPN Review

However, we would like to see more payment methods being added by Buffered VPN. For instance, there is no anonymous payment option offered by Buffered. They could add BitCoin and Gift Card as new payment options. This is one area in our Buffered VPN review that we think the provider can improve upon and take the overall service to a new level.


Compatibility of Buffered VPN with different Platforms

When it comes to compatibility, Buffered VPN is compatible on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. It also supports DD-WRT routers and Tomato routers as well. However, Buffered only offers exclusive VPN software for Windows and Mac users at the moment.

If you want to use the service on other devices then you will have to setup the service manually. There are no exclusive apps provided by Buffered VPN for iOS and Android devices. Instead, it provides .ovpn config files that users can download and setup using OpenVPN Connect app on Android and iOS. The process is very easy and Buffered provides detailed setup tutorials to guide its users.

Since Buffered is new in the industry, it mainly works through third party OpenVPN clients on different devices or through manual setup. However, with the rate at which they are developing, we really hope they launch exclusive apps for other platforms as well.

Buffered VPN for Android

Buffered VPN on Android devices can be setup through OpenVPN client. We searched for their in-house client, but unfortunately didn’t find it. Therefore, Android users need to download OpenVPN client on their phone from Playstore, and then run Buffered VPN OpenVPN configuration files on their device. After accomplishing OpenVPN installation, you will be able to instantly connect to BufferedVPN on your Android phone or tablet.

Buffered VPN for Android


Buffered VPN For Kodi

Kodi is an award-winning on-demand entertainment service that serves over millions of subscribers around the world. The popularity of Kodi lies on ground-breaking features and impressive layout, that caters the entertainment needs of subscribers. Kodi media library comprises of addons that offer one-touch access to thousands of top-rated and block buster hit TV shows and movies. However, one thing that halt subscribers from watching favorite channels on Kodi is the barrier of geo-restrictions.

To circumvent the imposed geo-restrictions on Kodi, Buffered VPN offers a wide range of servers that allow users to access popular geo-blocked sites and services from anywhere. In our editorial review, we tested their service and successfully accessed BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, CNBC, ABC and more services from abroad.


Buffered VPN For Kodi


Buffered VPN For iPhone

iOS stands as a leading-edge platform with thousands of millions of users around the world. But, surprisingly, we didn’t find iOS client of provider while creating this review. Therefore, iOS users need to download OpenVPN on their iPhone or iPad to use VPN service. Also, we have discovered that iOS users are required to send an email to provider for accessing VPN service. To know more about Buffered VPN configuration on iPhone, you can refer to their support section.


Buffered VPN For iPhone


Buffered VPN for Mac OSX

Buffered VPN offers an excellent in-house client for Mac OSX. The app features a sleek and simple layout comprising all handy options. Subscriber can scroll through list of Buffered VPN servers and connect or disconnect through one-touch option. In addition, subscribers can take help from detailed instructions about Mac VPN installation available in the support section of Buffered VPN. Following is a screenshot of Buffered VPN Mac OSX client.


Buffered VPN for Mac OSX


Buffered VPN For Apple TV

Apple TV lets viewers watch all time favorite videos in iTunes on your HDTV. Also, streaming lovers can achieve every bit of entertainment on Apple TV by catching all the videos from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, YouTube and more streaming services on Apple TV. You can also view our guide of 5 best Apple TV VPN.

However, every fantastic service comes with some limitations and viewers are presented with a barrier of geo-restrictions when accessing popular entertainment services on Apple TV. That said, to bypass the geo-restrictions, viewers find Buffered VPN as the safest and economical solution. To test BufferedVPN for Apple TV, we connected to their US server for Buffered VPN review.  Surprisingly, we accessed Fox Go, CBS Go, ESPN and more services without facing any restrictions.

Buffered VPN For Apple TV

Buffered VPN Windows Client

For our Buffered VPN review, we put their Windows client to the test. The overall design of the client is very slick and it is very easy to use. All the options are right where you want them to be and right from the login, we were able to connect to our desired server and use the internet safely and securely. You can download the client after signup from Buffered VPN’s website.

Buffered VPN Review


How to Use Buffered VPN

Now, that you have discovered everything about provider in Buffered VPN review, you’re all set to protect your personal data, online activities and identity with Buffered VPN. Here’s how you can use Buffered VPN on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop:

  • Make sure your device is properly connected to a working internet connection
  • Decide between different package plans of Buffered VPN
  • Download VPN on your device
  • Next, install VPN, launch it and follow the instructions
  • Enter VPN username and password as provided by BufferedVPN
  • Finally, choose a desired location and connect to VPN


Buffered VPN Not Connecting Error – Resolved

Various subscribers have faced trouble while accessing Buffered VPN at different times of the day. The error is believed to be caused by browser rather than service itself. Thus, in Buffered VPN review, we have decided to provide quick solutions, that will resolve “Buffered VPN not working” error in a moment.

Here’re few tweaks and tricks that you can use to resolve ” Buffered VPN not Working” and ” Buffered VPN not Connecting” errors:

  • Make sure you have a working internet connection
  • Check if a website opens without VPN connection
  • Try connecting to another Buffered VPN server
  • Try disabling firewall, anti-virus or any other security software

After performing above steps you will be hopefully able to use BufferedVPN easily  on your system. However, if the issue persists you can try contacting their support system at any time.


Buffered VPN vs IPVanish

Selecting a reliable provider is a bit complex procedure and requires one to have sufficient knowledge about various aspects of a VPN service. Therefore, in our Buffered VPN review, we have compared the provider with the US based VPN provider IPVanish. IPVanish claims to provide extra level of security with robust privacy features. Have a look at head to head comparison of both VPN providers below:


VPN ProviderBuffered VPNIPVanish
Servers36+ countries60+ countries
ProtocolsPPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPNPPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSL, OpenVPN
Torrent SupportYesYes
Money Back Guarantee30 days7 days



Buffered VPN Vs ExpressVPN

Apart from IPVanish, the UK based VPN provider ExpressVPN claims to offer blazing fast speed, ease of use and high-level online security. But, we have compared service offerings of Express VPN with Buffered VPN, so that you can choose a better privacy and unblocking solution. Here’s a head to head comparison of both providers in our Buffered VPN review:


VPN ProviderBuffered VPNExpressVPN
Servers36+ countries93+ countries
Torrent SupportYesYes
Money Back Guarantee30 days30 days


Buffered VPN Reddit Review – Is Buffered VPN a Worthy Provider?

Reddit stand as one of the largest online community. About hundreds of posts and threads are created on reddit on regular bases. The mainstream social news platform offers discussions, debates, reviews, textual and graphical content to subscribers around the world. That said, various BufferedVPN users have expressed their concern about the service in reddit.

Below is what Redditors have to say about Buffered VPN:


A users has shared his experience with Buffered VPN and enlighten the fact that Buffered doesn’t offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Instead, the provider imposes 10 hours fair usage policy after which no refund is provided.

Should Buffered VPN Work for Netflix?

Netflix stands as one of the leading on-demand entertainment services that serves around millions of subscribers around the world. The mainstream entertainment service offers one-touch access to tons of popular shows and movies including House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Bloodline and many more. But, sadly a majority shows and movies are available in Netflix US library only.

When subscribers from different countries try to access Netflix US, geo-restrictions become hurdle on their way. To bypass the geo-restrictions on Netflix US, Buffered VPN offers various servers in US East Coast, West Coast and Mid West. That said, subscribers can freely connect to one of the specified Buffered VPN servers and access Netflix US from any corner of the world.

Tutorials Provided

Buffered VPN offers detail setup guides and tutorials for users. Using these tutorials, you can configure the service manually on different platforms. Currently, the tutorials are available for Windows 7, Windows 7 OpenVPN protocol, Android, iOS, DD-WRT and Tomato routers, and how to solve TUN/TAP error.

In addition to tutorials, the support section also consists of detailed articles about configuring the service on different platforms. For instance, you find out how to setup Buffered VPN on Windows 8 and 8.1, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Protocols & Encryptions

Protocols and encryption is how a VPN keeps you safe from State sponsored surveillances, hackers, spammers, phishes, and other cyber criminals. Buffered VPN keeps users sensitive data safe using 128 bit encryption and with PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN protocols.

We would recommend all Buffered VPN users to use OpenVPN protocol as it’s the strongest of all the protocols. But if you are using the service for streaming, then PPTP should suffice. However, we would had appreciated at least AES 256 bit encryption as it’s the highest encryption key available. 128 bit encryption could be broken with brute force but it would require massive resources and time to break the encryption.


Log & Privacy Policy

Buffered VPN places high priority on its user’s privacy and security, and does not keep any logs. When we reviewed Buffered VPN, its FAQ section and privacy policy clearly states that the provider has a zero log policy. This was a positive sign as zero log policy means user’s internet activities are safe and secure.

However, Buffered does collect certain amount of personal data such as name, address, telephone number, email address, type of browser used, operating system, IP address, and other information from server end. But rest assured as Buffered does not share this information with unauthorized third parties or sell this data to anyone.

Free Trial

As much as everyone likes free stuff, Buffered VPN does not offer a free trial at the moment. Instead, it offers a generous 30 day money back guarantee. We have tried and tested numerous VPN providers over the years and 30 days is sufficient time frame to fully try the service. Therefore, it is well advised to make use of this money back guarantee period and test the VPN service on different devices.

Do note that there are certain limits set by Buffered VPN if you do opt for a refund. According to their refund policy, you must claim a refund within 30 days and if you have only used less than 100 sessions, 10 GB bandwidth or 10 hours of session.

Buffered VPN Review

Additional Features of Buffered VPN

Here are some of the additional features that are offered by Buffered VPN:

5 Simultaneous Logins

Buffered VPN offers 5 multi logins to all users. This means that you can connect to five different devices at the same time using single account. So you can stay protected on your PC, laptop, mobile, and tablet simultaneously with one account.

NAT Firewall

An additional feature offered by Buffered VPN is its NAT Firewall. We were really pleased to see this feature as standard in all its packages as it adds an extra layer of security for users. It helps to block all unwanted incoming traffic on your device.


Overall, Buffered VPN is a fast growing VPN service that shows a lot of potential. However, there are some areas that it should look into and consider improving upon. The implementation of a live chat feature, more payment options, and expanding its server spread could take the VPN provider to new heights.

But what Buffered lacks in terms of features, it makes it up in terms of service. The performance is really great and delivers fast speeds. The additional features such as 5 multi logins and NAT firewall also sets it apart from other VPN providers. So if you are looking for light, fast performing VPN service that places high priority over your privacy, then you should definitely give Buffered VPN a try.


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    Is buffered suitable for accessing geo blocked entertainment services on Apple TV?

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      Jerry, Buffered VPN can is a worthy provider for Apple TV. With 25-6-bit Blowfish encryption, high-speed servers and unlimited bandwidth, BufferedVPN offers a safe and unrestricted access to tons of geo-blocked sites. But, you will need to setup BufferedVPN on your DD-WRT router, as Apple TV doesn’t comes with a built-in VPN support.

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