5 Best VPN for PC in 2018

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It is a great news finally; all the PC users from all over the world have started giving importance to VPN. When you use a best VPN for Personal Computer, you may unblock geo-limited services or content accordingly. Furthermore, a best VPN allows you to secure your online privacy while using your desired PCs hassle-free.

However, the recent shift to mobile devices like Android or iOS is enhancing day by day. Still, you may find millions of PC users who prefer to use desktop devices. This is because you cannot undermine the level of comfort you attain when you use PCs.

Choosing the Best VPN for PC

The selection process of opting the right kind of VPN for PC devices is a daunting one. If you do not know about the best PC VPN, chances are that you may become a victim of cyber threats. Therefore, you are bound to use a good online privacy service for PCs to protect your online activities trouble-free.

For users’ ease, we have tried our level best to figure out different VPN that work best on PC devices. Here is the list of our best VPN services that belong to the category of best VPN for PC in 2018. The list includes:

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1. PureVPN – an all-round VPN that secures online privacy of PC users globally


PureVPN is an interesting choice for those PC fans who want to secure their online privacy instantly. The service offers its services in 140+ countries worldwide. Moreover, you can enjoy different benefits like multi-login on your Windows or PC devices straightaway.

PureVPN Pros

  • You can access to your preferred media streaming services securely
  • You can perform torrenting activities anonymously
  • You can avail the seven days money back guarantee feature to check the performance of the service

PureVPN Cons

  • The service does not offer free trial feature


2. NordVPN – a secure VPN for PC users from all over the world


NordVPN is a Panama based service that allows you to protect your desired online activities on your Windows devices. Therefore, you can opt the service to avail a comprehensive list of exciting benefits without any hassle.

NordVPN Pros

  • Offers 3700+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Provides multi-login feature along with 256-bit military grade encryption
  • The service has a generous 30 days money back guarantee feature for the users

NordVPN Cons

  • The users may experience connectivity issues at times


3. IPVanish – provides anonymity to PC users while performing torrenting activities


IPVanish is another online privacy provider you can choose to protect your Windows or PC devices. The service follows the objective of becoming world best VPN service. Moreover, you can experience various benefits once you avail the service on your PCs.

IPVanish Pros

  • The service has 1000+ servers in 60 countries
  • The service offers dedicated apps for Windows and PC devices
  • The service provides multi-login benefit to the users

IPVanish Cons

  • The provider has not offered free trial advantage to the subscribers


4. PrivateVPN – a go-to VPN service for new PC users


PrivateVPN has all the right reasons to turn out to be one of the best VPN services for PC devices. The service provides a list of compelling features to its subscribers that allow them to safeguard their digital privacy from ISPs and online hackers.

PrivateVPN Pros

  • The provider has 30 days money back guarantee benefit for the users
  • The service allows you to fulfill your Netflix streaming needs
  • The provider also offers multi-login features

PrivateVPN Cons

  • The service does not have a huge server network


5. Ivacy – offers budget-friendly pricing plans to PC fans


Ivacy is another online privacy service striving hard to become one of the best VPN for PCs. The service has an international existence that means you can select the service from 100+ countries through 200+ servers.

Ivacy Pros

  • Offers online protection and anonymity to PC users
  • Provides different tunneling protocols like OpenVPN along with 256-bit military grade encryption
  • The service has Chrome and Firefox browsers extensions for the PC users

Ivacy Cons

  • Does not have free trial feature for the subscribers


Benefits of VPN for PC

When it comes to securing your PCs from various cyber hassles, nothing comes close to best VPN for PC. Through a top PC VPN, you can overcome different online threats proactively. Likewise, you can conduct your different activities such as web surfing or streaming media content anonymously from anywhere. While consider VPNs for Desktop PC, you can also have a look over best VPN particularly for Windows as well.


Here is the list of different advantages that suggests why you should opt a VPN that works best on your PCs. The list consists of:

  • You can bypass online censorship to another level with best VPN for PC
  • You can overcome region blocking issues and access to your desired media streaming services
  • You can spoof your online locations from data surveillance agencies
  • You can secure your privacy while using public Wi-Fi
  • You may mask your original IP addresses through alternate IP addresses of best VPN services of PCs
  • You may perform your preferred P2P activities anonymously


How Can I Get Free VPN for PC?

Interestingly, the task of getting free online privacy for PCs is not difficult. This is because you can avail best free VPN for PC devices from anywhere hassle-free. By doing so, you are able to attain online freedom and anonymity according to your own terms trouble-free.

Best free VPN For PC


Best VPN for PC Reddit

There is no denying Reddit has become an ultimate source for exploring neutral reviews about the VPN services for PC. This is because there are various Reddit users who provide realistic viewpoints about online privacy services to other users.

You can consider the importance of PC VPN through the below mentioned comment of a user. It means a good VPN for PCs allows you to accomplish your online gaming cravings.

Here is the snapshot of the comment:


Likewise, a Reddit user opted a VPN service for desktop PC to attain online freedom and anonymity. Thus, the user was able to perform different online activities securely.

You can consider going through our guide on Reddit VPN to know about other online privacy services.


Wrapping Up

We expect you would appreciate our extensive guide on best VPN for PC. Once you go through this guide, you can take the right decision to secure your PC devices from online threats stress-free. Moreover, you can find the pros and cons of different PC VPN described-above.

Your comments are valuable for us, so do let us know through your feedback below.


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