5 Best Android VPNs for 2018 (How to Setup Android VPN)

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Google’s Android stands among the most popular operating systems in the world. Having over 1.4 billion active monthly users, Android OS has expanded its usage to Television, automobile entertainment, wear (watches), gaming console, camera, notebook, tablet and off course smartphones.

However, not to forget, with high usage come great threats. Read on to know how to protect yourself against the odds of cyber world with best android VPN of 2018.

In addition, you have an every right to attain awareness about on various online privacy services through our best VPN list. Hence, you can secure your online privacy from anywhere.


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Android Vulnerabilities

The Android VPN plays an important role and combats the threats which suggest that Android is more vulnerable due to the open source nature and the extra attention it has drawn from cyber criminals on its rise to popularity.

When compared with other Smartphones, Android definitely comes under scrutiny due to the vulnerabilities that are found in it. Android holds the major chunk of the smartphone users and the hackers, knowing this, keep coming up with malware and viruses that can seriously hamper the security of the user.

Online Streaming Restrictions

The loopholes in Android’s security are not the only worrying factors for Android users. People use Android devices all over the world and access their favorite TV shows and movies on them. Unfortunately, most of the time, the access is restricted and one needs a “gate-pass” to access these shows and movies.

An Android VPN serves this cause. It unblocks the TV shows and movies that are confined for viewership in specific regions. It gives its users the access regardless of their geographical location, by cloaking their original IP address (and thereby cloaking the built-in country-code that are detected and used to restrict access).

What is a VPN?

A VPN is an online security tool that allows you to attain anonymity and privacy. Through a VPN, you are able to change your IP address. Thus, you can spoof your online location and circumvent the issue of region blocking instantly. Moreover, you can secure yourself from the eyes of ISPs, government agencies and hackers.

How does VPN Work on Android Devices?

A VPN works on Android by cloaking your data transmission on the internet with the help of encryption. It also channelizes your all data through a VPN server. As a result, the created network enables you to obtain multiple benefits those are enough to fulfill all your online needs.


Why do you need the Best Android VPN?

Android devices face greater risks than ever nowadays. The increasing cyber-attacks and hacking and phishing scandals have left users wondering if their devices will ever be truly safe anymore. This is where the best VPN for Android appears.

Using an Android VPN also provides you and your devices from being spied on by surveillance agencies like NSA and GCHQ. The tunneling and encryption that is a standard part of VPN provide you unrestricted access to websites and contents all over the world.

How to Choose the Best Android VPN

There is a certain guideline through which Android users can select the best VPN for Android. The first important factor is the strength of encryption provided by a VPN. The strength of VPN ensures how well you are protected.

The second factor includes the internet speed of the VPN. Many VPN providers wear down internet speed and that is the factor that you need to look out for. Another factor includes privacy policy of a VPN provider if it does stores your online activity.

The fourth factor is the availability and the number of servers in various locations. Lastly, you need to check on the price, or it offers any free-trial before you can subscribe to the VPN. Also see the best VPN for Jio 4G in 2018.

10 Best Android VPN Apps 2018

The VPN servers ensure that your Android devices are safe. There are thousands of threats on the internet, and battling them all at the same time is not only an uphill task but also requires a great amount of security work to be done.

We have evaluated and selected some of the finest VPN apps for Android. Check them out.

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
Editor's Choice
$2.48Per Month
77% Off
2 Year Deal
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
2 Years Plan
$8.32Per Month
35% OFF
No Exclusive Offer
$4.87Per Month
60% OFF
Exclusive Offer
Ivacy VPN
$1.99Per Month
78% OFF
2 Years Deal

PureVPN for Android


PureVPN is one of the best VPN for Android. However, it is not a free VPN for Android. PureVPN offers outstanding features at affordable price. In addition, this VPN for Android promises enticing additional features along with the basic functions that fulfill your needs of having an Android VPN.

You can download PureVPN Android app from Google Play Store. Likewise, you can read our exclusive PureVPN review to know more about the service.

Here are some of PureVPN’s salient features:

  • PureVPN allows you to access more than 500+ servers in 140+ countries. This broadly scattered server network allows you to evade all geo-restrictions.
  • PureVPN offers you unlimited bandwidth. Now stream as much as you can on your Android device with PureVPN.
  • Extremely affordable package plans starting from $4.16/month
  • No more fearing hackers. PureVPN supports PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN tunneling protocols.
  • Not only Android, PureVPN is compatible with other platforms, operating systems and devices.
  • Unblock and enjoy Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Go, Pandora and WWE Network etc on your Android device with PureVPN.
  • Additional features include “Split Tunneling” and “Multi Login”.
  • In case you face any issue configuring PureVPN on your Android device, their 24/7 live tech and customer support will help you out.
  • Offers easy-to-use and one click installation free software.
  • PureVPN is compatible on different versions including Android Lollipop, Android Marshmallow, etc.
  • Provides detailed tutorials for manual configuration you can use on Android devices.
  • PureVPN supports P2P file sharing
  • PureVPN accepts payment through different payment modes including: PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Plimus, WebMoney and Discover etc.


PureVPN Pros

  • The provider offers a best Android VPN app to its users
  • The service provides best VPN for Android free download feature
  • The provider offers dedicated Android apps for their Android users

PureVPN Cons

  • The users may experience connectivity issues during peak hours

NordVPN for Android

NordVPN-for-AndroidNordVPN is a Panama based VPN service that follows strictly no logging policy. The service is compatible with all the major platforms including Android. It is another best VPN for Android you can use on your Android devices.

You can download the NordVPN Android app from Google Play Store. Moreover, you should read our NordVPN review to know about the service.

Here is the list of features you can consider:

  • Offers 30 days money back guarantee to its users
  • Provides multi-login feature to the subscribers
  • It also supports P2P activities of the users
  • It is compatible with major platforms like Windows, and mobile operating systems like Android

NordVPN Pros

  • The service has dedicated Android VPN app for the users
  • The provider also offers user-friendly Android app installation guide to the users
  • You can enjoy watching Netflix TV shows and movies on your Android devices

NordVPN Cons

  • The service is available in only 60+ countries worldwide

IPVanish for Android


IPVanish, with its geographically dispersed vpn server network, is also a viable alternative to consider. In addition, this Android VPN allows you to choose from diverse feature-rich package plans. You can currently avail 20% discount on all IPVanish packages via our campaign.


However, it does not offer free VPN settings for Android mobile. Here is the list of features I Vanish provides:

  • No bandwidth cap
  • 140+ servers, 60 countries
  • Enjoy Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Go, Pandora and WWE Network etc on your Android device.
  • The package starts from $6.49/month.
  • Beat the NSA surveillance with IPVanish’s PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN tunneling protocols and sophisticated encryption
  • 14000+ IPs to promise absolute anonymity
  • It is a complete VPN for Android
  • It supports all Android Versions like Android Lollipop, Marshmallow, Jelly Bean, etc.
  • IPvanish is compatible with VoIP’s
  • Provides free software and tutorials for manual configuration

IPVanish Pros

  • The service offers dedicated Android apps for the users
  • The users may access to their desired Netflix media library from anywhere

IPVanish Cons

  • The service provides expensive pricing plans to the subscribers

Private VPN for Android


Private VPN is compatible with all major operating systems and counted as one of the best VPN for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. The service is currently offering its services in 52 countries with 55 servers worldwide. If you do not know, which is the best VPN for Android, you can think about Private VPN.

You can download the Private VPN Android app from Google Play Store. In addition, you can read our exclusive PrivateVPN review to know about the provider.

The service provides following list of features. These are:

  • Offers multi-login feature to its users
  • Provides different tunneling protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2 and IPsec
  • Follows zero logging policy
  • Provides multi-login feature to the subscribers

PrivateVPN Pros

  • The service offers user friendly installation guide to the Android users
  • The provider has 256-bit military grade encryption feature to the subscribers

PrivateVPN Cons

  • The provider does not offer a huge list of servers

Ivacy VPN for Android

Ivacy VPNIvacy is the best Android VPN as it has a user-friendly interface which is easy even for new users to log-in and change their server location. Once you have subscribed to Ivacy, you can stream anything, from anywhere.

You can download the Android app of Ivacy from Google Play Store. Furthermore, you can go through our Ivacy review to know about the service. Additionally, it has features mentioned below:

  • Split Tunneling
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Optimized P2P Servers
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • 275+ Servers in 100+ Locations
  • Smart purpose Selection

Ivacy Pros

  • The Android users can enjoy torrenting process securely from anywhere
  • The service provides 7 seven days money back guarantee benefit to the users

Ivacy Cons

  • The service does not free VPN Android trial feature to the users

CyberGhost for Android


CyberGhost is another VPN that you can try as an Android VPN to secure your devices. The provider is currently offering its services in all the leading countries of the world through 1000+servers.  If you want to know how to setup VPN for Android free, you can opt for CyberGhost review.

You can download CyberGhost Android VPN app from Google Play Store.


The provider offers distinct salient features like:

  • Offers 1000+ servers to its users worldwide
  • Provides protection on public Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with major mobile operating system like Android
  • Provides 256-bit military grade encryption

CyberGhost VPN Pros

  • The service provides an attractive Android app for the users
  • The service offers budget friendly pricing plans to the subscribers

CyberGhost VPN Cons

  • The service does not offer a free trial feature

Express VPN for Android


ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN for Android that can be recommended for an Android device. With Express VPN’s geographically dispersed servers, you not only breakthrough all restrictions but also hide behind numerous random IPs. View our detailed ExpressVPN Review for more details.

Express VPN protects your data and offers absolute anonymity, making your Android device invulnerable to hacks, surveillance, and unauthorized assaults. Moreover, the service offers best VPN settings for android devices.  You may download the ExpressVPN app for your Android devices from Google Play Store.

Here is the list of benefits that ExpressVPN offers and these are:

  • Compatible with all preferably used Android versions
  • Servers available in 75+ countries
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP and OpenVPN support
  • Data security facilitated through 256-bit encryption
  • Easy to use VPN software
  • Resolves all your concerns through 24/7/365 customer and tech support
  • Diverse transaction modes offered: PayPal, Bitcoin and all leading Debit/Credit Cards
  • 30 days money back claim


ExpressVPN Pros

  • The service has an impressive best Android VPN app for the subscribers
  • The service offers an exclusive multi-login benefit to the users

ExpressVPN Cons

  • The provider has expensive pricing plans to the subscribers

HideMyAss for Android


HideMyAss is at second spot of 5 best Android VPNs. HideMyAss has earned this spot because of its rigid server network but couldn’t be considered number 1 choice due to its higher price. Here are some significant features representing HideMyAss Android VPN.

You may download HideMyAss VPN app from Google Play Store.

  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • Bypass all the restrictions and cope with censorship issues – 760+ servers offered by HideMyAss in 190+ countries.
  • HideMyAss supports PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSL and OpenVPN tunneling protocols
  • Say goodbye to the NSA and GCHQ surveillance – hide behind 111,500+ IPs
  • Enjoy Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Go, Pandora and WWE Network etc on your Android device.
  • A VPN is compatible with all Android devices.
  • HideMyAss accepts payments through PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, Wire Transfer, WebMoney and Bitcoin.

HideMyAss Pros

  • The provider has an easy to use best Android app for the users
  • The service generously offers 30 days money back guarantee feature to the users

HideMyAss Cons

  • The service does not have free trial benefit for their Android VPN app users

Ironsocket for Android


Ironsocket provides ultimate security to your Android devices and it is one of the best VPNs to be equipped with. It has a strong support for various tunneling protocols and provides good encryption to ensure your data is free from all sorts of malware. You can download IronSocket Android app from its official website.

Here are some of the salient features of c:


  • Servers spread across in more than 35+ countries
  • PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP protocols to tunnel your data
  • Unlimited bandwidth provided on each server
  • Allows unlimited server switching
  • Provides 5 simultaneous connections; one for your laptop/computer and other for your device
  • Comes with a meager price of $6.99 per month (for yearly subscription only)
  • No logs
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, WWE Network, Vudu and Pandora etc. from anywhere in the world
  • Allows P2P file sharing

Ironsocket Pros

  • The service offers dedicated VPN app for Android devices
  • The provider has cost-effective pricing plans for the users

Ironsocket Cons

  • The provider does not fulfill best free VPN for Android 2018 criteria

Best Free VPN for Android

There are so many VPN providers some are Premium VPNs with extra benefits and features and some are providing free VPN services to secure your Android devices.

Secure your Android devices by best VPN services either it is free or paid.

Here we got the list of Best Free VPN for Android to secure yourself while streaming online on your Android Devices.

What is a VPN App for Android?

A VPN app for Android is similar to the Windows or macOS app, but it has a simple interface which is easy-to-use. It is of a lighter weight but contains all the features that are available in Desktop VPN app.

VPN app for Android for any VPN provider can be downloaded from Google Play Store in a regular way as any other app for Android. For some VPNs, there are apk file to manually install VPN apps.

What Can a VPN Do for Android?

The best Android VPN app can do everything just like any other VPN app that are downloaded on desktop. Most importantly, a VPN app for Android protects you from hackers while using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Further, it can hide your location and change your IP address to another country whichever you like. Changing your location may further help you unblock streaming content websites such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and so much more.

A VPN for Android further allows you to stream video content safely through Torrents. Although VPNRanks do not encourage viewing copyright material, but if you ever happen to experience viewing Torrents, then we recommend you to choose from our 5 best VPN for Torrenting.

How to Setup Android VPN

A VPN service can be installed and set up on your Android device in many ways, but we have listed the easy method via Google Play Store. Follow the steps highlighted below:

Step 1: Select any best Android VPN from the table listed above

Step 2: Open your Android device

Step 3: Go to Google Play Store and search for the desired VPN provider

Step 4: Install the VPN app > Select servers > Enjoy internet freedom!

Can I Use a VPN with My Android Tablet?

Majority of Android Tablets work exactly as Android Phone since they have Google Play Store downloaded. You can an Android VPN for tablet by installing a particular VPN app from Google Play Store, as you do for Android phone.

However, there is an exception for Amazon Fire Tablets because there is an Amazon App Store instead of Google Play Store. In Amazon App Store, you will not find many VPN apps. Fortunately, we have ways to get you VPN app for Amazon Fire Tablet. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Get an Android APK file for the particular VPN provider

Step 2: Sideload the VPN app

Step 3: Now download OpenVPN for Android

Step 4: Configure the VPN provider using OpenVPN configuration files

Step 5: Now root your Amazon Fire Tablet

Step 6: Now enjoy internet freedom after connecting to the VPN.

Why You Should Not Look Up to GooglePlay

Most of the Android users tend to look for the answers on GooglePlay whenever they are stuck at a point where selecting the best app for them becomes a difficult task. The VPNs, however, are a different ball game.

Searching for the VPN apps for your Android device will result in GooglePlay bombarding your screen with several VPN services (including the free ones) that are seriously going to hamper your device’s security.

The trick is, instead of searching for the right Android VPN on GooglePlay, start by looking up VPN service providers on Google – the search engine. Once you land at the VPN service provider’s page, confirm the number of servers that will be available to use on the Android device since many of the VPN service providers offer less servers on Android handsets.

Make sure that the VPN service provider follows professional procedures, shows you a lot about how the provider deals with its customers. You can also make the most of third party VPN review websites that provide you detailed and unbiased opinions and reviews of the VPN services.

Pay attention to the reviews by industry professionals as well as disgruntled users because both will provide you with valuable opinions.

Free VPN for Android Devices

Fortunately, you can use a free VPN on your Android devices hassle-free. However, not all the things are rosy with free VPN. This is because you cannot be sure of service quality and data privacy. Moreover, the services may sell your personal information to the marketers. Remember, if you are not paying for the product it means you are the product.

Stay Away from the free Android VPN Apps!

Even though we appreciate the hard works of the entrepreneurs, who are putting all their efforts in to make sure our data is safe. We cannot, however take risk on our online security by giving the hackers and malware a chance to sneak into our Android devices.


We always recommend our readers to opt for VPN services that are launched on a big scale with proper budgeting and work network. Opting for a proper VPN service will also save you a lot of trouble because you will have a corporate entity you can run to it; you experience any problems with your VPN service.

If we compare, a free VPN service  selection will leave you somewhat stranded with your problems and will make you something of a guinea pig for the app developer. You may also find yourself in a bizarre situation where you will be required to download and install the updates excessively to free your app from the bugs.

Manual VPN Settings for Android

Many VPN providers offer custom VPN clients for Android devices. However, some providers are yet to catch up with the pace of the VPN industry and need efforts from your end. If you select a VPN provider that has no client for Android, you can always go through this guide for manual VPN settings for Android.

How to manually configure an Android VPN

Therefore, without wasting any time further, we will tell you how to set up VPN on Android manually.

Android VPNs Built-in Client Setup Process

Select the protocol you want to use whilst setting up VPN on your android device. Following are the most common protocols that are offered by the latest Android firmware:

  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPSec PSK
  • L2TP/IPSec RSA
  • IPSec Xauth PSK
  • IPSec Xauth RSA
  • IPSec Hybrid RSA

Based on the protocol you want to use; ask your VPN service provider to provide you with the respective following details:


Your VPN service provider might not provide you ALL of these elements but nevertheless make sure you ask for these elements (read: protocols) so that your VPN service provider knows that you are a VPN veteran who must be treated with care and respect. Android’s built-in VPN client offers PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec as standard protocols.

Right, so now begin the actual steps that will answer your question of how to set up VPN on Android.

Step 1 – Tap on ‘Settings’ on your Android device. The following will appear on your screen:


Step 2 – Tap on ‘More’ and the screen will reveal ‘Wireless & Networks’ under the settings tab.

Step 3 – ‘VPN’ will be the second option under the new “Wireless & networks” settings. Tap on it to set up a new profile.


Step 4 – Tap ‘VPN’ and you will see various options where you will be able to activate, add, edit and delete manual VPN configurations.


Step 5 – Tap on the ‘+’ on the top right corner of the screen. It lets you add a new manual VPN configuration. As you can see, the above screenshot represents a scenario in which no VPN configuration profiles have been added.

You can still add new configurations by tapping ‘+’ even if you have existing manually configured VPN profiles. That is, if you are not willing the existing configuration profile.

Step 6 – Now you will be required to select your desired VPN protocol in order to proceed further.


You can always consult the chart I placed at the beginning of the setup process to fully understand the working phenomenon of each protocol.

Step 7 – After having selected your desired protocol, tap on ‘Save’ so you can go back to the main VPN screen. Your newly created VPN configuration profile will now be visible to you.

Step 8 – The final stage requires you to tap on the configuration profile you just created. It will let you enter the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ (provided to you by your service provider) to establish your VPN connection successfully.


Remember! You can always edit or delete your created VPN profile by simply keeping your finger pressed on the VPN configuration profile you wish to edit or delete.

Check the VPN Service Providers before You Check the Android VPN Apps

When it comes to trusting a VPN service provider with your device’s security, it becomes absolutely essential that you have run a few background checks. Setting up VPN on Android definitely sounds like a good idea. Though, there are a few things that you need to consider before you install any Android VPN in your device.

First, check the pricing plans to see if the VPN service provider has different packages for its Android users. Some VPN service providers offer limited features when their services are used on smart phone devices and tabs. You may be restricted to access a selective number of servers, and your downloading can be limited up to 500MB or 1GB and many other problems.

Look for the Customer Support through Live Chat on the providers’ websites and grill them for details of the VPN service. If the Live Chat support option is not available then create a support ticket or fill in the queries form asking about various features and services that are available specifically to the Android users.

Google Play can be a risky place for getting an Android VPN app. You must be wondering, is this even possible? To tell you the truth, yes! There are many bogus Android software available on Play Store. They might look legitimate but in reality they contain malware and other malicious content. Therefore, it is better to check with VPN provider and download the app from the link provided on the website.

Do All the VPN Providers offer Android App?

No. Once you have set your eyes on a good VPN service provider, check if it provides a custom VPN client for Android users. If it is available, then it will most likely be free and you will also be able to download it from GooglePlay.

However, as discussed above many VPN service providers do not have an app for Android devices. If you come across such a provider, then it will need you to configure VPN manually on your Android device.

Exactly How Badly Does Your Android Need VPN

Android users are engulfed with threats on constant basis. The cryptographers and mobile phone security pioneers from across the world, in order to maximize the security of Android, were forced to develop the Blackphone – an Android phone.

An Android based phone designed and developed mainly for the purpose of ensuring the best online security for smart phone and tab users by taking the VPN services to the maximum limit.

People like you and me do not thrive on switching phones every month – but we can definitely increase their security by upgrading them with a VPN. We cannot compromise on our privacy by allowing others to sell and purchase it for monetary gains.

I suggest you to take back what rightly belongs to you and use a VPN before somebody sells your data without letting you know about it!

Why You Need a VPN Android App for Data Privacy

If you perform any of the below mentioned activities through your Android smartphone, chances are you need the absolutely best VPN Android app.

  • Use the public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Pay your bill through your smartphones or tabs
  • Online transactions
  • Shop online
  • Constantly check your phone for new emails
  • Conduct chat sessions and make Skype calls regularly

Since the Android OS is open-source, it comes as no surprise that despite the efforts of developers and engineers, it is still full of loopholes and vulnerabilities. An Android VPN app secures your device by encrypting your data traffic and covering the loopholes that are otherwise exposed to the hackers and other threats.

The VPN apps for Android enable you to connect the internet through any public/private WiFi connection knowing that nobody will ever be able to get hold of your data and hamper it.

Malicious Android Apps

The risk of downloading and installing a malicious application on Android is greater than iOS; because, Android applications are easily created and distributed.

Most Android software developers are un-trusted; yet, some naïve users, being too much complacent about their security, don’t even give a second thought to downloading and using these apps on their devices.

Do you remember “Flappy Bird”? Do you remember how it vanished from all trusted sites? It was one of the most viral apps to have ever come out. However, I bet you don’t know how many users ended up accessing un-trusted sites and downloading malware in their desperate search of “Flappy Bird Clone”.

Some of them did not end up well; and it was already too late when they found out that they had downloaded fraudulent software.

Android Security Loopholes

Not too long ago, researchers from Ben Gurion University found an Android security loophole. According to the latest research, Android ‘4.3’ security is vulnerable and welcomes spammers. Moreover, it also greeted phishers and Hackers with open arms.

Through this loophole, cyber-goons can bypass all security barriers and access your valuable information if there’s a malicious Android app installed on your device. However, security loopholes and malicious apps aren’t the only concerns Android users have to worry about.

The Need for Best Android VPNs

Android devices face greater risks than ever nowadays. The increasing cyber attacks and hacking and phishing scandals have left users wondering if their devices will ever be truly safe anymore. This is where the best VPN for Android appears.

Using an Android VPN also provides you and your devices from being spied on by surveillance agencies like NSA and GCHQ. The tunneling and encryption that is a standard part of VPN provide you unrestricted access to websites and contents all over the world.

How to Test Your Android VPN App’s Performance

Since you are paying for the service, you would like to get the performance that you paid for. There are different ways through which you can test the performance of your Android VPN app. You can conduct speed tests to gauge the download and upload speeds. Similarly, IP and DNS leak tests can help uncover if there are any privacy or security flaws in the Android VPN software.

To conduct speed tests, you can use different apps such as speedtest.net app (developed by Ookla), testmy.net app, FCC Speed Test app, and others alike. Similarly, there are apps to check whether there are any IP or DNS leaks when you use the VPN service.

Android VPN to the Rescue

We all know that pre-purchase research is a prerequisite for an efficient purchase decision. Many VPNs for Android out there claim to be the best. Therefore, it can take days to research about viable options to choose from. We are here to assist you in this regard. Based on performance and user preferences, the list given below prescribes five best VPNs for Android.

PureVPN Android app Review

PureVPN’s Android app is not only simple but it is very user-friendly as well. It offers a simple and a rich user interface enabling the user to take complete control of his security in the hands. You can always select the country you wish to connect to with this VPN Android app.

Kindly note PureVPN Android app requires at least Android version 4.0 for smooth functioning on your device.

PureVPN offers servers in the US, UK, Sweden, Canada and Netherlands with its VPN Android app – supported with torrent sharing/downloading capability to make sure you stream and download unlimited TV shows and digital media content.


Your protocol by default is set to the OpenVPN protocol with PureVPN’s Android app. The users looking to use other protocols such as PPTP and L2TP, will need to contact the Customer Support to get assistance with manually configuring the protocols on their Android smartphones.

Once subscribed to PureVPN, download the android App on your device. Install the app and follow these simple steps to start using the VPN:

  • You will be shown four modes for using the VPN. Select the mode according to your choice. For instance if you want to watch videos or enjoy the on-demand entertainment service like Netflix, HULU and Pandora then select Stream.


  • Next, you will see list of preferred servers. These servers are favored according to Network Traffic, Distance and several other factors. Select any of the preferred server accordingly.


  • In case you wish to select a server of your choice, then you may choose it from server location list. Regions, country and cities categorize the list. This amazing feature lets you unblock content library of different on-demand entertainment services in respective regions. You may also put servers as your favorite to use them later.


  • Next, you will see a list of purposes to use the VPN. Each feature is designed specifically to aid and boost the streaming experience of the particular purpose accordingly.


IPVanish Android App

IPVanish offers a ‘precise’ Android VPN App. Its Android VPN app lets the users choose the server of their choice. Once the VPN app is connected, the connection page displays the speeds of data upload and download with a graphical representation to let the user know how much data he has sent/received in a single successful session.


The official online IPVanish Android application guide, however, warns its users about the connectivity issues that might rise after some usage of its VPN Android app. In case you are consistently facing the connectivity issues, the guide recommends you to restart your device to ensure the problem is resolved.

The services and features offered by the IPVanish VPN are worth considering. In order to begin using the IPVanish on your Android device, subscribe a package. Once subscribed, download the android application, start it and follow these steps:

  • From the side bar menu of IPVanish Android app, click on the servers list to began.


  • You will see a screen with various servers. You will be also able to see the ping of every server. Select the server of your choice.


  • As soon as you select the server of your choice, you will see the connecting screen as following:


  • Once connected to any server, you will be able to the graphical statistics including the speed of your connection.


ExpressVPN Android App

The ExpressVPN Android app  comes with AES 256-bit data encryption support and offers instant 24/7 tech support in case you need any help with the app.

  • Plans:Charges $12.95 on the monthly plan; $59.94 on the half yearly plan and $99.84 on the annual plan.
  • Minimum Android Version: 4.0 and up
  • Size:5 MB


The users can enjoy the ExpressVPN app with a 1 day free trial. Unlike the other big names of the industry, ExpressVPN has a server module of 50+ server locations. The ExpressVPN app empowers your privacy with the OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP) and is compatible with all the Android devices running 4.0 or above.

You can download ExpressVPN app or configure the service manually using the tutorial on Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0), Android Jelly Bean (4.1, 4.2, 4.3), Android KitKat (4.4), Android Lollipop (5.x), and Android Marshmallow (6.x).

In order to user the Express VPN on your android devices, Kindly subscribe to any of the Express VPN’s three packages i.e. yearly, monthly and semi-annually. Once subscribed, open the application and follow these steps to start using it.

  • Click on the login box. In addition, enter your username and password respectively.


  • You will see a list of recommended servers. Based on ping, speed and network traffic these servers are recommended to you. You may select any of the recommended servers.


  • In case you wish to see the full list of available servers, click on the all tab. You will be able to see complete list servers respectively. This feature lets you escape geo-licensing policy on different content library depending upon the country. You may select the server of your choice.


  • You may also search country name to select a specific server.


  • When you are finally done with selecting your desired server. Click connects, you will see following screen.


  • Upon successful connection. You will be able to see yourself connected to the respective server.

HideMyAss Pro VPN Android App

The official HMA! Pro VPN Android app! is completely free for the HMA users and can be downloaded from GooglePlay. The app runs on every Android device that runs on Android 4.0 and higher versions. It does not impact your internal storage as much and only utilized 3.5MB of it. The users of HideMyAss Pro VPN Android app can also enjoy the all-in-one package of HideMyAss.


The VPN Android app gives the users access to all the features and services of HideMyAss. You can use the app by simply signing up with the HideMyAss ProVPN service and then entering your login details. The app has a user-friendly interface and allows you to access the HideMyAss VPN server range of over 600 servers spread out across 75 countries globally.

In order to began using the Hidemyass VPN in your android device, subscribe to it. Install the android application of Hidemyass VPN on your android device. Moreover, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the login credentials in the login screen.
  2. You will see list of servers to select from. Choose a server of your choice respectively.
  3. You will see following screen of being connected a server.
  4. Upon successful connection, you will be able to see your original IP address, Public IP address and duration of the connection.

IvacyVPN Android App

Ivacy VPN offers 200+ servers in various countries all around the world and provides seven proxy servers in 5 countries as well. ibVPN can be set up and used on two Android devices simultaneously.

Ivacy comes with OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP and L2TP protocols support. You can also make use of its specially optimized torrent servers located in 100+ locations for fast and secure torrenting and online streaming.

  • In order to start using the a Ivacy VPN on your android device, subscribe to the VPN. Install the android version of Ivacy VPN on your device. In addition, follow these steps to start:
  • Open the Ivacy VPN on your device. You will see a list of servers to select from. Choose your desired server.


  • Next, select the purpose of using VPN, from purpose tab on the right corner of the screen. Each purpose is specifically optimized for fast, stable and safe connection. Select accordingly.


  • Finally click on the connect button to begin.


  • Upon successful connection, you will be able to see your IP address and server name. You may disconnect at any time from this screen.


Google’s Announcement on Android Security:

Google has made an announcement earlier this year that it will not provide the Android users with security updates for the “WebView”.  The announcement notes that the affected Android devices would be the ones that are running Android 4.3 or its prior versions.

Google, in fact, was very clear in its stance and has already told the media that it will offer the security updates to the Android users who have Android 4.4 or above on their smartphones and tabs.

A very controversial yet an interesting point was raised by Google when it made clear that it would get in touch with Original equipment manufacturers to check if any issues existed in their OS. On top of it, Google also urged the tech geeks and online security experts to come forward and help Google with offering solutions to the existing problems in Android so it could ‘consider’ them.

This is because Google itself is very skeptical about the Android devices’ security. Hence, it becomes automatically important to have an Android VPN app installed in your device.

Using an Android VPN for School or Work

It should not be a surprise for you if you are unable to use different social media platforms at school or workplace. The official authorities suggest using social media services at workplace or school may harm the productivity of the users.

Therefore, you cannot access to your desired media content through Wi-Fi networks at schools or workplaces. In this scenario, the role of a best Android VPN turns becomes crucial.  Through the help of an Android VPN, you can secure your online anonymity hassle-free.

As a result, you can access to your desired social media services or sites according to your own terms. You can also view our detailed guide of Best VPN for School.

Best Android VPN for China

China is one of those countries where the users are bound to anticipate online censorship issues in the name of Great Firewall (GFW).  Thus, they cannot exercise their freedom of expression right in true ltter and spirit.

From the list of our best VPN services for China, you may attain online freedom and anonymity both under one roof.  Likewise, you can bypass other issues such as Google ban because you cannot access Google Play Store in China.

Therefore, if you are traveling to China, you should download your preferred Android VPN app from Google Play Store. By doing so, you will not need to try different workarounds to download best Android VPN app in China.

What Can a VPN App Do on Android?

The advantages of using best Android VPN app on Android devices are unlimited. Therefore, you should use a best VPN for Android on your Android devices at any cost to secure your online privacy. By doing so, you can attain a list of different benefits that includes:

  • Secures your online privacy from ISPs and online hackers
  • You can spoof your online locations and watch your desired media content
  • You may overcome online censorship issues instantly
  • You can perform the process of torrenting according to your own demands

Is Tor browser a VPN?

TOR browser allows you to perform your desired online activities like web surfing anonymously from anywhere.  It enables the users to connect with a network of relays unlike creating a direct connection. This way, you can secure your original IP addresses to another level straightaway.

However, TOR browser does not take the place of a VPN since it slows down the connection speeds of the users. Furthermore, you cannot perform P2P activities with the help of TOR browser. Hence, you cannot assume a TOR browser as a VPN because you cannot watch media content at desirable speeds.

What Makes a Good VPN for Android?

If you know how to setup a best VPN for Android device, you can use no 1 VPN for Android instantly. If your Android VPN app offers you the below mentioned benefits, you are using a best Android VPN. Here is the list of benefits that consists of:

  • You are able to protect your online activities from snoopers
  • You can secure your digital privacy and access region blocked sites or services
  • You can connect to public Wi-Fi without compromising your online privacy
  • You may conduct the task of torrenting securely

How Does a VPN on Android Work?

A VPN on Android devices works in the same manner like a normal desktop VPN client. It means it routes the whole internet traffic of the users through secure VPN servers. This way, you are able to attain various kinds of online security benefits hassle-free.

Wrapping Up

Android devices are more likely to face security issues as compared to other Smartphone users. The risks associated with unreliable and malicious apps make Android devices vulnerable to unauthorized assault. The solution is to get the best Android VPN.

The rise in popularity and demand for VPN services has led to the development of a VPN industry in which numerous options are available. Based on user reviews, the following 2018 VPN services stand out in the crowd as the best VPNs for Android.

Want to add something to the story, feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.



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10 Responses to 5 Best Android VPNs for 2018 (How to Setup Android VPN)

  1. Hans Frans says:

    The ivacy app on the google play store doesnt work with Android no matter what they tell you. Whats tech suppport’s solution? Download the app from someplace off the google play store. If you’re trying to be safe and secure you really should not go around installing apps from unknown sources. Whole thing is a little suspicious, I’ll be trying to get a refund.

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hey Hans, try installing it from their website. This worked for me. If it doesn’t, then let us know. We’ll figure it out to run it for you.

  2. Loha says:

    I’ve used Express but now I use NordVPN. I would say both of them are industry leaders. Don’t know about other VPNs.

    • VPNRanks says:

      Yes, Loha. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are undoubtedly the industry leaders in the VPN industry and this is the reason why they are listed in our top 5 best Android VPN providers’ list. There are other VPN providers that are equally better in performance. These include PureVPN, PrivateVPN, and Ivacy.

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    • VPNRanks says:

      Hello Rocky, thanks for your feedback. We also mentioned this information in the 4th paragraph. But you’re right we did not mention it in the first paragraph.

  4. Well I have experienced only couple of VPN services for my mobile including MPN and Norton service, unfortunately it wasn’t smooth experience I thought initially. However, still looking for VPN that work for a long time and more importantly with quick browsing. Looking forward to give Nord VPN a try, hoping for good experience this time!

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hey Curtis, yes you should really go with NordVPN as it is the fastest VPN in the industry. Hoping you have a good experience using NordVPN.

  5. Geneo says:

    Received emails from att uverse warning illegal use. I have showbox and kodi on tablet galaxy Does a VPN allow me to continue use show box and kodi with no problem. New to VPN do not fully understand what it does. Am I safe with a VPN

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hello Geneo, a VPN completely encrypts your online activity, thus making your identity anonymous to others (i.e. the government and your Internet Service Provider). Not only that, a VPN will protect you against cybercriminals. If you use Kodi third-party add-ons or watch movies in Torrents, then you can get one of the 5 best VPN providers that are available in this guide. Remember, whenever you watch a copyright material for free, you got to have a VPN or else you risk your online privacy.

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